Getting The Most From The Courts

This type of contract, by contrast, is not extended for periods, but have a definite duration. This may be an alternative for those who do not want to risk with a contract of residence. Other topics surveyed are more breaches of contracts, unpaid rent. Problem that has grown recently, with the current crisis, which is leading to the street to many workers and that the fall in unemployment can not afford the lease payments. Eviction procedures must be submitted by the owner and the considerable time tenants stay in the house until the release by the court, with the fear of insolvency of the tenant. Not recovering the owner to pay the rent or the costs of services and supplies spent.

Coupled with the deterioration from the inside of the house must meet later to re-rent it. Other topics surveyed are more non-consensual subleases the misnomer of “flats boats.” Homes that are mostly rented to foreigners and that the owners have news of the situation by the same or neighboring property owners who own Community of owners reported racking situation on the farm. It has also been increased counseling issues related to sale of property owners who bought in flat, while performing the construction of the building and working with new circumstances, they must desist from going ahead with the sale. Like those who purchased their homes a few years ago and before the mortgage increases have failed to pay, and was eventually acquired by the Bank in the auction. The owners want to know if after the auction will be able to recover some of the investment in housing, and if they failed to maintain the debt they owed to the bank or not yet. It is also very frequent consultations and actions related to construction defects in buildings. Deficiencies in the Property and are not remedied by developers and builders to deliver homes as well as deficiencies in the treated areas of a condominium or Associations. All of the above relating to individuals, but also the Association has seen a significant increase in consultations and proceedings in various Companies, Developers who have great difficulty keeping up their promotions and commitments acquired and ending bankruptcy filing.

Just as the builders who also suffer from defaults along the work and who can not bear the cost of labor and other costs are forced to adopt the same measures that previous filing to the Bankruptcy Courts.