Imaginary Ego

When observing for some hours the one dynamics chat, we perceive that the interactions occur of systematic form: first it comes initial boarding e, when corresponded, the initial presentations are followed, where if they question age and place of housing, possibly so that, exactly in the field of the fancy, it is elaborated more possibility of an approach effective, taking in account the etria and geographic compatibility. After that, it appears the reciprocal curiosity around the physical appearance of the followed other of questions concerning laborativas activities, preferences of the daily life, etc. The citizen between symbolic Ideal-of-Ego and Imaginary Ego-Ideal, moved meets, inevitably, in function of the restored context, for evident libidinal pulso. We can infer that the joy gotten in this search for ' ' another one virtual' ' it is clearly of sexual character, what in it sends to the importance of the effect of the repression of the libidinais pulses the one to them that the citizen is submitted throughout its life. Freud affirms that the yearning of a citizen can be taken to the satisfaction if the yearned for object will be granted to it. The character until then virtual of the relation, not passed to the actual condition, tends to generate certain intensification of desires, on account of the great amount of on energy that the individual accumulates, becoming the yearning into anxiety, that it is not become entirely into libido for being submitted to the bar of translation. Increased and at the same time restrained the anxiety, the possibility appears of the citizen, to choose the other as object.

Other it starts to be, therefore, target of an inevitable objetal relation motivated by expressive transference. In this period of training of the virtual relation, the psiquismo of the citizen already completely is displayed. The appearance in doctor’s office of cases is frequent involving personal dramas, such as marriages badly succeeded, decurrent of this type of behavior that, usually, is attributed to an inexplicable compulsion.