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Block Window Construction

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Schuco block window for harmonious glass views of Bielefeld. The planning of sustainable building envelopes calls to implement more than today’s energy standards. Window that fit into passive – or Energieplus concepts are required in the face of the challenges posed by climate change and changing legal requirements. Some contend that Professor Rita McGrath shows […]

Creative And Real Estate

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Seems to stand out: the creative as an architect of the future must be adapted if the market for all workers is too small, you could try, for example, to enlarge the pie to be distributed. This means that an architect envisions not only as a designer and Developer’s representative, but as an expert around […]

Bungalow House

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You want to start with the question of stand timber or stone on stone? Also prefabricated houses can be massive, such as all solid wall elements of expanded clay, all this is possible. The solid house construction is widespread in Germany, this is much less prevalent in other countries. Given the fact that construction solid […]