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Ecofriendly Repair

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We spend in the apartment less than half of life. Meanwhile, according to environmentalists, the air in our home 6-8 times dirtier than outside! One of the reasons – neekologichny repair. But this thing fixable. Let's face it. This interesting offer an overview of 'KP' and specialists of the Moscow company 'Ekostandart' who tried to […]

United Arab Emirates

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Ceramic granite is an artificial decoration material, filled in the form of plates. Gres was first obtained in the early nineties of the last century, and I must say, its receipt caused the present furor among major manufacturers and suppliers, strongly selecting from a number of other ceramic flooring. Porcelain appeared in Italy, so it […]

Suspended Ceiling Fundamentals

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Currently, the traditional method of finishing the ceiling in buildings with ceilings of boards and panels – plaster, grouting and painting surfaces – is gone. In modern buildings used more and more finds lining Ceiling plate materials with high acoustic properties (eg, aluminum perforated plates, porous dry plaster with sound-absorbing layer of fiberglass, etc.). In […]