Importance Of Deployment And Operation Of Quality (QFD)

The past has fled, what you are absent, but this is yours. Arabian Proverb competitiveness is characterized in part on how companies meet the needs of consumers and dare to cover retaining that great attribute that must be taken into account as a competitive advantage, as is quality. QFD (Quality Function Deployment). It was introduced in Japan by Yoji Akao in 1966, but the first book (in Japanese) about this method is not published until 1978 and only since 1990 appears in English literature and later in other languages in the business presents should make use of QFD (Quality Function Deployment), which means Function Deployment Quality. That is, "broadcast" quality attributes that the customer demand through organizational processes, so that each process can contribute to the assurance of these characteristics.

Through QFD, all staff of an organization can understand what is really important to customers and work to fulfill it. It is a system organized to design or redesign products, with two main objectives: To ensure that the product will meet the needs and expectations of customers. Shortening the period of time from product design (or modifications to be made) until its release. The first objective Mileidy Arteaga participant reminds us of the graduate program of product quality management and productivity Faces Area Graduate of the University of Carabobo, meets the classic definition of Quality "meet the needs and expectations of customers . QFD provides a methodology that helps to know what those needs and translate them into a list of measurable technical aspects on which efforts should be concentrated.