Internet Rankings

In addition to the keywords that we select must meet these three requirements: First requirement that the cost per click (CPC) is low. We report a high rate of CTR (Click Trough). That the estimated number of visits that we get the program itself is acceptable. The second requirement is usually the most neglected by advertisers. The CTR depends not only on keywords but also depends on the design of the copy of our announcement and holding position but some keywords are essential.

Why is it so important a high CTR? In Adwords ads are sorted not only taking into account the CPC (what you’re willing to pay for each click on each poster) but is still a dynamic ranking system based on CTR and CPC ads so that yield more (have more clicks) were rewarded with a lower CPC or what is the same as improving their position in the ranking. Adwords CTR measured at various positions, normalized to fit each position and then multiplies by the CPC to determine the efficiency of a notice in comparison with other ads running (taking into account the position in which he was the announcement when it was clicked). Register here This gives advertisers an opportunity to compete small to large with pockets full of money, through better design of commercial and / or better selection and organization of keywords as your competitors. Also, once decided the words and / or groups of words, it is important to study the most appropriate match type.