The port of Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in the northeast of the country. In fact, actually there are seven terminals available for cruises from Barcelona, however all of them are quite forthcoming and transportation to ports and each port with the Centre of the city is easily available and prevalent. Travel on foot from the port to the center of the city is not highly recommended since the tour has a distance of 2.5 km, however transport services in the form of buses and taxis are easily accessible. Cruisers are quite pleasant and luxurious, and is for this reason that many tourists usually arriving in Barcelona in order to be able to address one of these cruises, of which many can even travel around the entire world. Near the city’s port can be found many places to stay, so it is easy to find a good hotel in Barcelona very close to the port and overlooking the most beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

The port of Barcelona is located on the outskirts of the city centre, in fact, the port itself houses the Maremagnum, a large shopping centre with a great nightlife as well as a beautiful Aquarium, which can be considered as the largest in Europe. This is why that you can enjoy the city without venturing to explore the city centre. There are those who prefer staying in the cottages Barcelona, but even these people, who probably prefer calm and serene environments, will want to give a stroll by the port of Barcelona and wish to enjoy the beauty that offers this beautiful island in the Mediterranean. Sure others will prefer to stay in a hotel in Barcelona, close to the port and the beautiful beaches of sand. One of the most attractive things about cruises from Barcelona is the wide variety of culture and history that can be absorbed from sightseeing and excursions. Witness of the architecture of Antoni Gaudi is a must for any visitor to the city, especially the Sagrada Familia, or explore the ancient Gothic quarter of the city. Cycle through rural corners of Barcelona will give you an experience of How live residents wealthy Catalonia, with its combination of elegance and the white uniqueness of the old city. Many of the most beautiful rural houses Barcelona are in this sector of the city.

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