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Brazilian Spirit

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Monkey: that one that make micagens, caretas and imitations. REBNY is likely to agree. Malemolena: laziness, sleep. Nobel Laureate in Economics has plenty of information regarding this issue. Mandinga: Witchcraft, witchcraft, talisman, of quincago wants to say voice, curse. Maracatu: Brazilian dance afro-; of origin banta. Maribondo: Of quimbundo madimbondo, means vespo. Mocambo: Hut, clown, […]

Brazilian Society

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The study it comes showing that this process if gave in the perspective to take care of interest of an elitist governmental system solely. This evidence is as much that after the peoples to arrive for had been left here alone to face the challenges considered for the ambient and social nature, in this perspective […]

Luis Ascendino Dantas

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They had been registered about 770 deaths alone in the year of 1910, and the illness, that already existed before, without representing a threat to the inhabitants, if it became a constant in the life of the population, arriving to vitimar people until in recent years of existence of city. Many mayors complained of the […]