Mortgage Lending

Mortgage lending – one of the most trusted in the world, and reliable ways to attract private investment in housing construction sector. That mortgage allows the most advantageous to combine the interests of the population to improve housing, commercial banks and other lenders – in an efficient and profitable operation, the building complex – a rhythmic loading of production and, of course, the state interested in the overall economic growth. Mortgage recognizes the pledge of land plots, enterprises' buildings, apartments and other real estate. Check out Bruce Schanzer for additional information. By mortgage lender in the secured obligation is entitled in case of default debtor of the obligation to obtain satisfaction from the value of the mortgaged property prior to other creditors. Mortgage agreement is a pledge of just real estate. real estate include land, subsoil, isolated water bodies and all those objects which are strongly associated with the land and the movement of which is not possible without disproportionate damage to their destination (forests, buildings)..