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Piece Shelving

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Rack shelf – this type of shelving is ideal for storage and warehousing of various types. Shelving rack is a structure that consists of three main elements: shelves, frames (Vertical bar) and the beam or pivot bearings. The most common and useful equipment for warehouse, shop, office shelving racks are. They allow efficient use of […]

Powder Fire Extinguishers

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To put out small fires gases, flammable liquids, electrical equipment with voltage up to 1kV, metals and alloys typically used powder fire extinguishers. Powder extinguishers are not designed to quenching substances which burn without oxygen may (for example alkali and alkaline earth metals). The effect of extinguishing powder is based on the isolation of the […]

Advanced Technology Water

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Without going into details, the existing methods of today cleaning and disinfection, we note the following: – traditional bacteriological or chemical methods, tend to use chlorination. To do this, have stocks of chlorine, which is a source of danger, and decompose in water, chloride form chemical radicals are harmful to human health, including dioxin – […]