Social Panorama

President Barack Obama, "will have an impact on Latin America, some concern, as the Buy America "or shop in the United States. The UN agency acknowledged in its 2008 Social Panorama 2003-2007 had the greatest increase in per capita GDP since the seventies, to three percent annually. But this result began to decline in 2008 due to the escalation of the international financial crisis. " It is noted also a very important aspect to consider, as it is, the effects of the reduction of foreign currency sent by Latin American immigrants living in the U.S. and Europe, a situation that could worsen if there is a mass return them to their countries origin, it would render such remittances and their benefits and raise unemployment.

Indeed, it is stated that in its Social Panorama 2008, ECLAC estimated that "up to 2007 Latin America was on track to meet the first goal of the Millennium Development Goals", namely "to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people. " But now you are exporting a crisis that virtually cancels their already limited previous balances and darkens its future prospects, due to a crisis of global magnitude triggered through the default of subprime loans (subprime), which only affected in United States 20 percent of the mortgage market. Given this reality it is said, that "regional integration is both time the only defensive strategy and the only development strategy that we can hold onto the American in the early 21st century, "according to Dr.