Builder Group

Born real estate portal, aims to be a benchmark within the real estate websites capable of boosting the real estate market with greater intensity, and provide one both helps home sellers as buyers. The idea is the union group of potential buyers of housing, in such way that is interesting to the seller performed a strong discount because it is sold to a group of people. The buyers of the group benefit all of them discount. The website began its journey in Vizcaya to be growing throughout the State, offering your web space to advertise their real estate companies developers and financial institutions. Buyers register on the web for free, and point to a group of people that you may want a home in a particular area. When there is a group of five people interested in buying House, Builder offers a strong discount taking into account the sale in group.

The sale closes directly, individually and in person, between the buyer and seller. The registered user not this forced to buy. This initiative part three the promotion and the construction sector entrepreneurs, who bring a new idea to boost the sector before the bulky housing stock. VISIT the advance of our website: