The Original And Practical Home Decor And Office

Today, more and more attention paid to interior decorating. One of the most interesting decoration material is glass. It is used more than one hundred years, but the peak of popularity came in the twentieth century and does not go out to this day. Now art glass and stained glass is not only fashionable and unusual, but also practical. Glass, letting light fill the room with colored paints, hiding what is happening on the other side of it.

Glass visually increase the space and make it lighter. There are a variety of manufacturing techniques and the art of stained glass windows, but the most interesting and promising is fusing. Fusing the term translated to English language means "melting, melting, sintering '. Ie is a technique for alloying various pieces of glass in each dredge in special furnaces for fusing and bending at high temperatures. Glass, no matter how hard we did not consider when heated melts and becomes almost liquid.

This property was the main fusing. On it are made as whole cloth, and small interior elements. Heat treatment of artistic glass to create a stained-glass products of various shapes and colors. Products may be both lengthy and flat shape. Care of artistic glass is simple enough – both for ordinary glass. Stained glass can be insert into items of furniture, wardrobes, kitchen fronts, doors, , walls and ceilings. You can also make decorative items for the interior: the dishes, candlesticks, lamps, lighting fixtures, Pano and even hours. Products can be produce almost all colors and styles that perfectly fit into any decor!


For example, it is a convenient facility at the top can also be a repository for suitcases, library rack, dressing or other desired domestic room. If you opted for the mezzanine, "processor", keep in mind that, besides the strength and reasonableness of all nodes, it is very important architectural appearance. This component in particular requires integrity forms harmony and interdependence of the proportions, not to mention the aesthetics and quality of finish. To make a solid loft with a ladder in a wooden farmhouse, the overlap of the beams strengthened with additional or also establish a support structure, making the entire load is distributed over a larger area. Avoid significant point loads should be the case with concrete. Fixed ladders on the mezzanine better folding Transformers enjoyed climbing into the attic. Mobile trapovye ladders are usually steep, is not particularly easy to use and is not safe.

This is natural – they were created for use by case to case. Therefore, if you have more than once a day, then go up to their loft, then down with them, choose the stairs . Often, to save space stationary attic ladders against the wall and fasten right down to it. Sometimes the ends of steps and are buried in the wall (the so-called "" stairs). Then the wall should be solid, brick, concrete or timber with a minimum thickness of 25 cm to the thin interior partitions staircases can not mount.

Ladder of any type shall withstand a maximum weight of 150 kg. The apartments are large areas and in suburban homes attic design is indispensable, if it serves as a platform for the approach to second-floor rooms. At a gallery up the stairs, out the door here as the upper rooms. Good loft and as a bridge for communication between the chambers of the lower floors, making it possible to move from one room to another, but not through them, not past, and on top. Under such mezzanine galleries, and between their legs arranged rooms of different purposes, until the kitchen, bathroom and garage. And on the floor of the gallery, if allows its wide, often put racks, chairs, sofas and coffee tables.