Tips For Choosing A Loan

Want to take credit and not running into trouble? Then this article is for you. Let us briefly consider the possible pitfalls. Stone first. The percentage of loans in each institution is different from each other. In recent months, Expert on growth strategy has been very successful. But do not immediately take the loan into the first bank, where the percentage under which issue credit at 10-15% below the rest. Because, basically, the whole trick lies in a hidden commission. Stone second. Some agencies, indicate the credit agreement opportunity to increase the loan interest rate, which depends on a number of reasons.

In the course of the contract, such reasons may easily be found, and the borrower will have to additionally pay extra for them. Stone third. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Savignano and gain more knowledge.. Hidden Commission (for which payment was not stated in the contract), is one of the most favorite tools some banks. Whatever it was, before concluding a contract with a financial institution, especially loan mortgage, be sure to be fully acquainted with all points of the contract, to obtain, if necessary, further clarification on each of them. In no case do not sign do not read the contract! This can be bad for your future financial condition. If you take out a loan secured by an apartment or other loans secured by real estate, especially pay attention to the paragraphs describing the procedure for the transfer, return and use of the collateral. Do not violate terms of the contract, otherwise the bank or other financial company, will find few reasons to not return your deposit (benefit is obvious: the mortgage loan is issued to less than fair market value of housing or land).

In a respectable organization can always be accessed on the provision of a small delay of payment without penalty. And in most such cases, to obtain positive response. Loan secured – a responsible decision. Before you make it, evaluate the pros and cons. Approach the subject from all sides. It is best to go consult a specialist. Make out a loan mortgage companies only have proven!

Right Bank Credit Products

How to choose a bank loan product in case you feel the need for credit facilities? This question seems simple but, nevertheless, is often asked potential borrowers. First of all, you should decide so, what are you going to spend borrowed money. This may be buying a home, car repairs in the apartment, pay the costs of education and so on. The fact that banks have different credit offers based on where the borrower is going to spend borrowed money. On this basis, the bank evaluates and offers credit terms. For example, let's consider a situation in which you want to certain amount of money to make repairs in the apartment and an additional portion of funds for any purposes (can be anything). You go to the bank and learn about the various lending programs, such as mortgage lending (Mortgages, auto loans), loans to individual entrepreneurs, loans for education, non-earmarked loans.

Returning to our example, we ask the following question – "Under what kind of offer comes our potential application?" Logic suggests that this will be untied loan. Thus, we are simply saying that a loan officer, what we want to spend the loan funds, and obtain a certain number of proposals for consideration. Everything is quite simple. Further need to examine directly the conditions of the loan advanced by the bank. We draw attention to the amount we needed, because the different banking credit products provided to its maximum value funds.

Further relying on the logic, we choose the proposal with the lowest cost of borrowed money. Cost, of course, is determined by interest rates and other charges. This highlights that, as generally the same for most situations. However, in each case, the potential borrower should carefully read the terms of the contract, to avoid unwanted problems in the future. If you're unsure of something or there is any uncertainty, we do not hurry with the signing of the contract. Consult with knowledgeable people, or ask a question on forums devoted to lending.

Loan Calculator Calculation

Virtually all Internet resources for financial, economic and commercial orientation provide online loan calculators that help potential customers to choose one or the other credit program. Loan calculator is a very useful and convenient service that allows you to calculate monthly mortgage payments, the total amount of credit, overpayment for credit and the actual annual or monthly interest rate. Calculation of payment may be by annuity scheme (equal shares) or Classical (payment is reduced proportionally). The main types of loan calculators are: mortgage, consumer and auto loans. It would seem that something is easier to fill in the required fields, has received a clear optimistic calculation-and-run issue credit.

But is it really all that simple? After all, sometimes even when you make a loan you can find a significant difference between the declared and the real interest rate on the loan due to additional fees. Loan Calculator go wrong? Disingenuous financial structure itself? Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of credit calculators, as well as the dangers that may lie in wait for us. The advantages of bank loan calculators can be attributed more accurate calculation, as can additional fees charged for registration and Loan servicing. The disadvantages of bank credit calculators include calculating a repayment only on your loan program, which greatly complicates the comparison with possible other offers. Universal credit calculators which are mostly used sites devoted to auto, real estate, financial, or general orientation are less precise, but allow yourself to understand how to influence the finite sum of the loan term, interest rates, fees and methods of calculation used in banks.

But neither the bank nor the universal credit calculators do not burut in calculation of the additional costs of car loans (Annual CASCO insurance or defense and one-time services of a notary, bank fee, registration services and check-in MREO) or mortgage (collateral insurance, life insurance, the borrower's title insurance, paperwork, notary services, evaluation of collateral, registration of the current account). Most appropriate to apply the credit calculators to calculate payments on consumer credit. Note that the calculation loan calculator, allows only a rough estimate of your expenses. Credit conditions specify directly in financial institutions that interest you and only you will accept only low-cost solution for you. To calculate the deposit, use the deposit calculator. For a quick calculation of exchange rates – currency converter.

Single CreditDebt Network

Credit and debt market and financial relationships between issuers set forth by the treaty and other obligations, divided between two major party credit-debt market. These are: a creditor (lender) and the borrower (debtor). Between, which can and often there are contradictions, disputes and disagreements, because of the failure of the treaty obligations of the parties, or breach of contractual obligations by both parties. Our company organized for cooperation in the sphere of credit and debt with all parties and stakeholders in the field of business. Perhaps check out Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information. Created and designed for permanent collection, compilation, additions, accommodation and provide information on financial, credit and debt markets.

As an organization acting as the lender: (banks, insurance, leasing, mortgage companies and other financial institutions). So credit, or working on contractual obligations, organizations and individuals (physical) persons acting as borrower or guarantor. Our company and legal information portal, does not assume the role of arbitrator does not represent, or whose interests of the major parties credit debt market: lenders or borrowers and their guarantors. A is a legal information site, consulting and legal conductor, with an explanatory and interpretative guidelines for all participants in the credit and debt relationships and debt. To reduce the moral, legal and financial stress and other economic costs between the warring parties. Mutual non-payment, breach of contractual obligations and the related debt and tax payments. Create considerable tension in the work and development businesses, organizations and all forms of entrepreneurship.

That the direct negative effect on the financial and economic stability of society, state and country as a whole. Economic conflicts that arise in foreclosure debt to the Russian economy began one of the most pressing problems. This is particularly exacerbated in the period of global economic crisis, the main reason, the main source of which was gross violation of credit and contractual obligations between the partners. Our "Common Base Debtors" – borrowers (blacklist) was developed and is necessary: the physical and legal persons, state, public agencies and organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs to improve your economic security, to check when choosing a client, business partner, or at the conclusion of any – any contractual obligations. For credit institutions, banks and other financial institutions, insurance, leasing and mortgage companies. Our database will help you in the selection of future client-borrower under the credit. For the FSSP ( Federal Bailiff Service) – a joint operation in sharing information on malicious defaulters, credit fraud, crooks, creators of the financial pyramid, child support debtors, setting them on the form ( adding the debtor in the black list). After passing the simple procedure of registering on the site, go to the forum, where we'll discuss all your concerns.

Mortgage Loan

Delta credit offers its customers the opportunity to purchase real estate as a mortgage loan in the secondary and the primary housing market. Nuances of the mortgage bank's loan feature of the Delta Delta Credit Bank is the fact that the bank will allow you to bring up to 4 co-borrower (spouse, parents or children) and when making lending decisions take into account the income of all co-borrowers. In order to get a mortgage with the bank Delta Loan, potential borrowers must provide Banco Delta credit application form, passport, driver's license, a copy of work record, certified by the employer, a certificate confirming income of at least Last 6 months (according to form 2-PIT, or in the form of bank), documents certifying the marital status, the documents confirming the presence of expensive property (apartment, villa, car). Binding condition is the insurance of both the borrower and the property. In addition, the borrower must pay their own third party required for issuing the purchase and sale of the apartment.

Delta Mortgage Loan offers a wide range of mortgage programs. Feature is the fact that the bank does not require the borrower Russian citizenship, as well as collateral or guarantee. To obtain a mortgage loan Delta potential customer must provide the bank application form, copy of passport, copy of documents attesting to his civil status, copies of birth certificates of children, copies of education certificates, a copy of driver's license and military ID, copy of work record, certified by the employer or labor agreements and contracts of employment. Delta credit also requires a certificate confirming income on Form 2-PIT and brief information about the kind of company and job duties of the borrower. Closer look at the list of documents available at the bank site Delta credit.

A Mortgage Broker Or Banks ?

Number of banking offers is tremendous. Banks react instantly to changes in the automotive market and make adjustments to their lending programs. Ignorant, in this case, a man to understand and choose according to the present, profitable bank’s program is very difficult. In turn, design auto loan also requires completion of a large number of documents. Therefore, assistance and specialist advice essential. Mortgage broker – this is specialist in lending.

First of all, it provides a necessary service and acts as a financial consultant. Some firms function performs a credit broker credit department. As the official partner banks, he is a kind of intermediary between borrowers and lenders, and has some advantages over ordinary fellow citizens. At the same time he works with many banks, and is familiar with their conditions car loans, so by appealing directly to him, do not have to go to banks, to communicate with bank employees to fill in many papers. Analyzing the market, it will come to getting car loan after careful consideration, calculate all possible, offer a reliable bank with profitable for the customer lending program. Such an approach would help avoid many surprises and troubles in the future.

The main objective of the loan broker intelligibly explain to the borrower all the nuances, all the obscure points of the loan agreement, the possible hidden charges, no noticeable at first glance, to calculate the true costs of the loan. He must collect the entire package documents to help the client to confirm the size of his income, after assessing its creditworthiness, and to calculate the desired amount of monthly payments. Attracting customers, the calculations performed credit broker is convenient for the banks providing the loan. Therefore, they in turn give some advantages to customers of the broker. For its customers, many banks are developing programs for the calculation of auto loan – credit calculators. According to him quite simple to calculate and compare the entire list of acceptable proposals. Lack of a loan calculator is that the calculation is performed only on individual bank formulas. And since banks constantly making changes in their program, then under certain conditions, credit and commissions calculation does not always accurate. When choosing a mortgage broker or loan calculator, ultimately, the choice is always for the borrower.

Mortgage Sales

Sales of mortgage-flats are no longer rare. Banks have started to actively sell the mortgaged property. At many sites, banks wound up a special page, where is the list of collateral, whether it's flat or a car. Moreover, in the offices of the bank about the sale of mortgaged property is available in printed form, even with photos. Banks are being told that their goal is not simply to get rid of the loan by selling the house and returning the money, and find another solvent borrower.

According to bank officials, the credit committee is prepared to consider loan option on the property, if the initial payment will be about 30-50%. However, many banks issue loans already on the new, higher rates, which benefits the bank, but is not beneficial to the buyer. But you always iozhete discuss these issues with your bank, because They are interested in going forward. Meanwhile, while information on real estate sold debtors on the website of banks is very small. After all, to start selling the collateral without the consent of the owner must obtain court permission, and this takes time. It is in this state are now in most cases with property of those who have not paid loans. Upon completion of the Court apartment or house can be sold. In general topic sales collateral painful for bankers and debtors (commission and VAT on the sale, the opaque mechanism for determining the liquidation value of the enterprise).

Their claims to the system implementation of pledges from potential buyers. Some people believe that due to the possibility to do without public bidding banks practice Sale of property and the right people at the right price. And indeed, if the property right under the contract will go to a bank mortgage, the debtor loses any control over the property and can not point to the bank, who to sell it. Therefore, the attractive assets (ie real estate) at a price below the market, banks can still be purchased.

HMLA Borrowers

In addition, there is another problem – mortgage loans in foreign currency. Low interest rates in foreign countries (such as Switzerland or Japan) allowed our banks to hold a "cheap" money and respectively, to give their customers a lower rate. Banks grant loans in dollars and euros, roughly at 9% per annum in rubles – 10-12%, yen and francs – 5-7% per annum, and given the inflated cost of real estate Moscow and Moscow suburbs the borrowers did not have the loan amount in rubles on the Moscow housing, so willing to buy an apartment on the mortgage is nothing to do but take out a loan in exotic currencies. Due to the devaluation of the ruble payment on the loan has become much larger, so the probability of increase of defaults on foreign currency loans. Least of all borrowers have lost sources of income in foreign currency, the respective currency of credit. Therefore, the majority, that is denominated borrowing had to be a lot easier than the holders of loans in other currencies. "More than just" bad luck "get loans in Japanese yen. From June 2008 to February 2009, this exotic for Russian citizens of the currency became more expensive by 80%.

Following are the borrowers who received loans in dollars – the growth of the ruble value of U.S. currency over the same period was 52%, "- said Denis Remizov, head of product Managers BTA. Also complicated the situation for borrowers with floating interest rate that is tied to the situation in the interbank lending market and changes over time depending on the value of money, which has increased considerably. To help borrowers and reduce the number of defaults, the Russian government and HMLA developed a program to restructure mortgage loans. Get help from the state (credit for one year) for this program borrowers can only be, if they meet the requirements ARIZHK. According to market experts, the conditions are very strict. Thus, to qualify for public assistance for borrowers for the soul should not be no assets other than mortgage apartment, even with the bank.


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Cash Loan

Among the huge variety of credit offers from banks, an inexperienced person rather difficult to choose the best option. However, despite the complexity, making it certainly will. After all, you do not want pay more extra money, paying bank interest. Of course, the potential borrower is always a choice. For example, ask for help from financial adviser or mortgage broker. Of course, their services are not can be free. Otherwise, you can always, putting some effort yourself to understand all the intricacies of the credit relationship.

Of course, we must bear in mind that some types of lending, such as mortgages, require considerably more time and effort, rather than, for example, cash loans. In any case, you need to weigh all the pros and cons in order to choose the most optimal solution for you. That regards, cash loan, this type of lending is the simplest in terms of understanding its features. Therefore, almost any potential borrower is able to understand it. And for it to be easier to pay attention to several recommendations regarding this type of loan. In the first place to soberly assess their financial capabilities, namely, how much money you can safely to their budget paying bank. Pay attention not only on the interest rate on the loan, but the various commissions, since all it increases the cost of credit.

Ask the credit inspector calculated for you monthly payment previously told him about the desired amount. After that Relate this amount to your financial capabilities. Evaluate proposals from different banks, and only then choose the highest-credit program. Perhaps it said a thousand times or you've heard about it a little, but, nevertheless, once again the need for careful reading of the loan agreement. Typically, most problematic situation arises from the fact that missed some moments when signing the latter.