Safety Equipment

To date, sectional doors are the most common and popular option for garage doors. Is consistently recognized among European consumers, they are rapidly gaining popularity Eastern European countries, coming to replace the familiar and not so easy to use swing models. By construction, the sectional door are several horizontal panels, held together connecting loops. Moving along the guides, the door leaf moves from horizontal to vertical position, being located near the ceiling. This type of gate to the garage can be operated both manually and automatically – with electric drive.

The construction features a sectional door allows you to combine a variety of mounting options, design and method of recovery. The popularity of this version of garage doors to consumers due to a number of advantages of their use. Firstly, sectional doors save space. Their design can significantly increase the usable space inside and in front of the garage: the gate opens vertically up and in the open state under the ceiling. In addition, the gates are mounted for opening the garage, not restricting the location for travel, which is especially important for owners of large cars and minivans.

Secondly, sectional doors are installed in the openings of all sizes and shapes, including rectangular, chamfered, with an arch and others. In cases where the exit of the garage is carried out on the roadway or walkway, sectional Gates are the only solution to the problem – otherwise, the open garage doors will disturb the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. Third, due to the design of sandwich panels that comprise the fabric, sectional doors provide a high degree of thermal insulation, saving on heating the garage. Along the perimeter of the door leaf can be fitted elastic seals designed to protect the premises from the harmful effects of cold air, wind and moisture. In addition, sectional doors ensure the safety and security of property. The strength of their construction prevents cracking and provides protection for the car. Sectional doors are easy to operation: with a remote control system, the driver does not have to leave the car to open garage doors – just use the remote control. In addition, mechanism allows the gate to open them manually in case of power outages. In addition, it is worth noting that the gate is almost soundless during operation. Finally, there are plenty of design options sectional doors, glass and methods for their colors. All this makes it possible to turn garage door is your garage decoration.