Russian Housing

Most of the inhabitants of the Russian "" confident that the only hope for improving living conditions for them is resettlement. For apartment owners in panel five-storey building of the first series, these expectations are not without meaning, however, cause for optimism is not at all. Completely demolished, "" yet no one is going. Moreover, they began to repair under the federal program overhaul, the Fund's reform of public utilities. Many homeowners do not show her proper interest, because they believe that the case be limited to regular painting walls and replacing the canopies above the entrances.

However, this opinion is erroneous. Nowadays people in "" has a real chance to radically improve their living conditions, will not moving. And pay for it will only a few thousand. What is an overhaul According to Federal Law 185-FZ of regulatory programs overhaul, if necessary, can be done full reconstruction of residential buildings, which includes repair of all intra-house engineering systems, repair or replacement of elevator equipment, repair roofs and basements space, insulation and replacement of the facades. It should be noted that overseas the practice has been used for quite some time and quite successfully. Especially large-scale projects to upgrade entire blocks of old housing panel (By the way, mostly five-story building, too) have been implemented in the former East Germany after German unification. As a result, managed to avoid the demolition of reinforced concrete "barracks" and turn them into a modern and comfortable building. Incidentally, the list of repairs from the Germans was almost the same as that provided by the law 185-FL: repair-house communications (water, sewerage, heating, electricity), repair or replacement of elevators, roofs, facades, insulation and renovation of cellars.