Russian Germany

Secondly, buying real estate in Germany to generate income plus visa. Apartment in Germany brings a good income from rent. To do this you need to buy an apartment in which they live tenants. The owner starts receive rent on your bank account immediately after payment apartment or house. If the apartment is empty, then you need to find tenants. Land in Germany, the Russians can fly without restrictions. knowledge.. The choice of land for construction – individual case and depends on the tastes and preferences of the buyer. Land prices in Germany depend on the size, location, availability of Communication, etc. Sometimes it is possible to buy a very old house with land in Germany is much cheaper than buying a simple plot. Advantages of such a purchase are many: as a rule, such sites are cheaper because the owners for a long time can not sell this old house, land are long-lived-in areas with good infrastructure, there is communication.

Only one drawback: it is necessary to dismantle and remove the old house. However, such areas as soon as they become cheaper very quickly find the buyer. Therefore, such land is better to look for a buyer to order for a particular buyer. Real estate in Germany, people are buying in hopes of a stable and measured life in Germany. Here they can find what’s missing in the former Soviet Union: confidence in the future, peace for the children, economic development, stability, clean air and water, manicured towns and villages. The first and most important, it will take a new place, this real estate and employment. Why real estate prices in Germany are high? If a Russian company wants to sell German property, then it must be registered and accredited in the country where it is assumed conduct real estate transactions. In Russia, these firms are very small. Therefore, the property is sold at such high prices because the firm is only an intermediary between a buyer and a German firm that sells Real estate in Germany. Exit one-buy real estate in the firm, which is located in Germany.