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Carrying out search for candidates, recruiters are increasingly faced with the current perceptions among them a biased attitude towards work cottage construction. "Most architects and designers think for themselves, such projects uninteresting and futile professionally – said Eugene Silin. – This leads to the fact that for design involve, as a rule, entry-level professionals who have minimal experience. Rockwell Trading wrote in a letter to supporters. And for most of them this is the first step in your career. " In other cases, personnel matters for small companies is outsourcing. Referring to the architectural to the design bureau of the development of the concept and working documents, the firm may not have a staff architect. It is not rarely another way economy is the rejection of supervision. This causes difficulties in adapting the project, when there is a need to amend the draft any changes already underway.

It is at this stage fail many interesting ideas, because, wanting to get as much profit, the developer begins to release a draft of, in his opinion, economically feasible components. Getting rid of natural objects in the settlement of the elements of its infrastructure, he first seeks to maximize use of available land. The settlement, buildings which sometimes several times denser in order to build as many homes as a result becoming uncomfortable to live in terms of customers. Attempts to persuade the client that he would benefit from such an "optimization", often unfounded, because a greater degree of change does not affect the project to cost homeownership, and the quality of living in it.