Reply Economists

I'm not an economist, but I know how to analyze data. How financial market went racing? Reply Economists: U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has released to market too much money. They have become "cheap" for borrowers, and we got the shaft of bad loans. Banks have become burst, and production began to decline. The method of "treatment" of the world economy? Reply economists: to issue more U.S.

dollars and make money even cheaper. I do not cheat in any way. These are real answers macroeconomists' questions. Are you surprised? I – no. They "explain" this to the fact that the U.S. is the biggest debt in the world – (I'm afraid to make a mistake), about 10 trillion dollars. And the biggest part of that debt to China.

Other countries also have foreign debts, but the U.S. has a unique position – they have external debt in their own currency! Represent! At that time, as in other countries – in foreign currency! That is, other countries, not U.S., must produce a product sell it abroad to repay a debt, and the U.S. need only to start another printing press! Some eminent economists "in complete seriousness," saying that the only way for U.S. to pay off debts – this type has dollars and give them away to creditors. An alternative is to withdraw U.S. funds from the market because they do not cover now produced American goods. And forecasts for the U.S. economy in the near future – alas and oh. Can be long and detailed analysis of why the other way, except for printing even more money, no, why would an alternative to global stagnation and decline in total production, as consumption will collapse to bottom.