OA & Berger Law Firm

The law firm OA & Berger introduces a uniform financial plan according to DIN-ISO-norm 22222. Hamburg, 28.10.2012. Sebastian Ohligschlager is a new jurisdiction in addition to the financing and investment advice, the Department financial plan development responsible for. The health insurance advice remains under the responsibility of Michael Berger. The resorts of person protection, pension and insurance advice share both partners 50% each. Prior to the role as proprietor of the law firm OA & Berger trained banker and insurance specialist Sebastian was Ohligschlager 6 years as an Executive in the financial distribution.

There he was responsible for the distribution of financial products by law firms in Hamburg and Lower Saxony last as head of the firm. He has extensive experience in the creation of structured financial plans and the brokerage of financial products. We are sure, that the introduction of a financial plan based on the DIN-ISO-norm 22222 our position as leading Hamburg brokers continue strengthens. “, as Sebastian Ohligschlager.” Michael Berger sees great opportunities for the firm OA & Berger: the introduction of the new financial plan will bring to the challenges of the anniversary year with the formation of the firm internal infrastructure, us further forward. A structured and consistent approach, much like in the industry, is important for quality control. I don’t see a danger to the individuality of the advice it.