Managing Plans

' ' You must be the change that wants to see in mundo' '. (Gandhi) In both cities one of the questions excellent of public health it is the constructions of housings in the hillside of precarious form without which had fiscalization of the public agencies. Thus, a necessity exists to implant public politics guided to become the social and ambiently sustainable cities that the possibility represents to guarantee changes partner-intituicionais that do not compromise the ecological and social systems, in which if supports the communities. Being thus, any lasting solution for the city will have to contemplate two premises at least: the guarantee of improvement of the quality of the urban space and the necessity to create objective conditions for performance of investments in the economic activities of the city. These solutions will demand public politics of development, that will have to be specified in a Plan of Ambient Development, contend municipal politics in the habitation area, health, education, leisure, culture, generation of job and income, in accord with the ambient question. Of this form, it would be important that the ambient planning adopted a new boarding, capable to provide a qualitative jump in relation to the methods used for the classic planning. In this direction, Agenda 21 if configures as uneven possibility.

She is necessary, courage and creativity for implementation of innovative actions, in the form of partnerships between the public, private sectors and the civil society. Ahead of the partner-economic and ambient profile of the Region, gotten through the identification and quarrel of the main problems of social, ambient and economic order, it became construction suggestion and implantation accomplishes of 21 Agenda Place. Therefore it exists, but she is not respected. Although, the cities already have elaborated its Managing Plans, in fulfilment to a legal requirement, would be essential for the partner-economic and ambient development, the efetivao of its Agendas 21, that is, an alternative to reach a future ambiently healthful, socially just and economically balanced.