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For Fund policies, the money exclusively in one or more mutual funds. St. Gallen, 25.11.2013. Investors so use all opportunities of the Fund world combined with insurance protection given by them. According to the current brokerage trend study of maker Management AG, the demand attracts to fund policies, while sales of traditional life insurance clearly back. At the same time, disability policies are again the main growth drivers in the new business. The performance is again important in customer service.

Skeptical, the broker see limited warranty offers. From the perspective of respondents, the low level of interest rates on the capital markets and the reduction of the guaranteed interest are the cause of the increasing demand in recent years to fund policies. The priorities have shifted in the customer service: where is the security of the capital investment in the first place (74 percent, 2012: 71 percent). urig!). The flexibility of the investment (56 percent, 2012: 41 percent) and yield prospects (40 percent, 2012: 23 percent) are significantly important. Cost transparency has become less important in comparison last year in consulting (20 percent, 2012: 39 percent). For almost every fifth respondent, the transparency of product risks is an important topic (19 percent).

The priorities reflect the large uncertainty of consumers, which was caused by the financial crisis. Since the issue of transparency is increasingly discussed, the wanted to know which aspects are particularly important to the brokers it. The result: The transparency in the presentation of the offer is particularly important for a large number of participants. The following is the transparency of the insurance conditions and the remuneration. A key advantage of Fund policies lies in the tax treatment. As of early 2009, all capital gains of the tax of 25 percent are subject to fund policies, so unit-linked insurance, but remain free of withholding tax. Who monthly invests 100 over 30 years into a Fund (at 8% yield), gets around 121 000 euros after. With the Withholding tax were only 106 000 euros.