Listed Real Estate

Save tax, pensions and assets with listed real estate Berlin, January 2012: win in economically uncertain times tangible investments naturally attractive. The best example: the strong demand for gold. But the storage of the precious metal does a maintenance cost on the other hand, the investment is static. Real estate investments are more attractive and also more lucrative. Especially the location is crucial for the return. The German capital of Berlin should be considered as a guarantee of site success. It is not only international trendy”like no other German metropolis; It scores well in the last years also in all matters related to a real estate site: growing population, high level of employment, strong housing demand.

And: the still very low rent prices (between 4.50 and 8,00 EUR / sq. m) promises to rise significantly in the next few years. These conditions make Berlin the almost ideal place for investments in real estate. This favourable Conditions are but still substantially topped is the object a grade II listed property. Not only because this he keep worthy houses have style and class with them it can also accurately save taxes. The probably the last real Steuersparmoglichkeit allows buyers of a listed real estate, for example, within twelve years all clean-up costs (so %!) to write off 100.

Flow later, which we can assume safely in the case of Berlin, monthly rental income, then, the ideal case has entered the real leverage economically.” Gloss film factory is listed apartments in Berlin-Kopenick the motto of this impressive facility: it lives here at the sparkling waters and with a brilliant historical! “.” That’s not an exaggeration. Situated directly on the river Spree, surrounded the area with its stylish brick buildings in the largest forest and parkland of Berlin and still enjoys an excellent Transport links. Berlin’s Centre can be reached in 25 minutes. Thanks to own boat investors there is even the possibility to go by boat to the Alexanderplatz. But also the environment of this fascinating community offers charm and quality of life. So, for example, the picturesque Kopenick old town via a pedestrian bridge in only a few minutes walk is accessible. The residential complex has more than 230 condominiums in nearly all sizes: from the small, 45 m 2-room apartment, to the luxurious 225-square-foot penthouse. All with balcony or terrace, and high-quality interior. Due to the attractive location, the currently low interest rates and in the medium term, already rising rental prices, investing in an object in the bright factory is a guarantee for high returns and secure daily care. Thomas pusher of the AXES Grunwald GmbH: the object is enormously attractive. Therefore, most of the apartments have already been sold. In the next few weeks we will be but with a similarly interesting Go object in the market.” About AXES Grunwald GmbH, the AXES Grunwald GmbH is a company to convey tax-optimised financial investments for doctors and the private sector. The company has expertise and experience in the field of high-end real estate. Consultants of from AXES Grunwald GmbH specialize in rehabilitation cases and real estate listed on fiscally attractive objects. The AXES Grunwald GmbH’s core competencies include: values, assets, and property secure and sustainable increase.