Landlords Property

More and more people decide to buy a property as an investment. St. Gallen, the 23.05.2013 – it provides personal security and the good feeling of having done something for retirement protection. Most people who buy, for example, an apartment to rent, do so with the help of a Bank, so take out a loan. From a certain income, banks, are happy, because they have the real estate as collateral so in addition to the personal creditworthiness of the purchaser.

Accept the terms and conditions, the purchase of an apartment for rent is a perfectly sensible investment. Typically, investors estimate so that the rent covers the cost of financing. Depending on the market value of the apartment financing up to 100 percent of the purchase price are possible, in some cases, the funding covers even the closing costs. Resourceful seller one work out then, that the acquisition of the property even without power is possible. In this case you must rely but on the regular rental income. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. According to expert estimates, German property owners over rent receivables complain in the amount of EUR 2 billion. So-called rent nomads are only the tip of the iceberg, usually there are the typical vicissitudes of life, which provide that a tenant can no longer meet its obligations.

The most common reasons are unemployment, separation of the spouse, illness. Many tenants come quickly again on the legs and are after a few weeks or months to able to pay their rent. Depending on how the economic situation of the landlord’s look, Mietausfalle sooner or later cause problems. Tenant can no longer pay, missing in addition to the actual rental on the costs. So, the landlord assumes costs that he has not to be responsible for. And the Bank continues to call interest rate and repayment of the loan. Thus corresponding costs preclude missing revenue, on which the landlord has. He does not comply with these obligations, his credit is not conductive medium, what in the This involves extreme case not only to the loss which may result in housing, but also personal consequences. Because the Bank will utilize the apartment usually after a certain time and it is more long no secret that the then selling price covers not the original credit. The formerly proud property owners must pay for the difference in price. Many landlords believe, that the deposit – usually three month rental – can also be used to cover the running expenses. This idea however, is wrong. The landlord may access only during the tenancy the deposit, if his claim is not disputed, so legally established by a judgment or settlement in the interest of the lessee is. This is almost never the case. In addition, the landlord would be an important way out of hand, this repairs and pending costs to settle the costs for (beauty). Previously offered insurance solutions cover only the situation, If the proverbial child has already fallen into the well. You can make a comparison of the offers here: wettbewerbsvergleich.html ultimately provides just beSURE landlord protection a safeguard already from the first month of the Mietausfalls for the entire rent and 90% of the costs. Can or wants to pay a tenant not more, inasmuch as he is in the possession of the police – the landlord – assigns his claims. Then, immediately making the DVF – German family Versicherung AG. Loss of comfort fare extends to up to six months and possibly up to 20,000 euro emerged a property damage. That’s how cheap you can calculate here