Interior Decorating Design

Interior Decorating – is the final chord of any interior decoration, a special stage of creation, without which even the most expensive repair will not look stylish and complete. The task is to find a decorator for created image, and furniture. lighting, wovens, and accessories. When decorating the interior, each shelf, a statue, a picture is a desired location that you want to create a single three-dimensional composition interior. It is thanks to competently and professionally interior decorating your home, apartment, office will look unique and original.

And you will feel cozy and comfortable. List of works performed by a designer-decorator: 1. Developing the concept of interior decoration. 2. Development of stylistic solutions. 3. The selection and placement of furniture, design and creation of author's furniture 4.

Selection of cuisine. 5. Selection of plumbing. 6. Selection of lighting fixtures. Or the development and creation of lighting elements 7. Selection of paintings, drawings, tapestries, batik. 8. Selection of small-scale sculpture, easel and monumental sculpture, wood carving, 9. Selection floristics. 10. Selection of blinds and curtains, the implementation of a woven design. 11. Develop designs and implementation of mural painting in any direction 12. Stained glass (stained glass design sketch, measurements, manufacturing). 13. Selection of the necessary home equipment: air conditioners, home theaters, etc 14. Supervision. Stages of interior decoration Placement of all objects and attributes decor at the facility. Decoration works 1. Precise measurements (exact measurements after completion of construction works: space, doorways, windows, niches, areas for stained glass, etc.) to take accurate measurements and prepared a plan of the room. 2. Development of conceptual solutions in image creation and design sketches. Develop sketches (Manual or 3D-flow, scan in color) 3. Approval of the project customers all stages of interior decoration are entered into a decorative interior design in the form of drawings, tables, specifications and sketches. On Based on the existing decor of the project carried out all works on interior decoration and approval by the Customer phases of the project. 4. Walls Selection directories decorative coatings, plaster, paint, wallpaper 5 Measurements for textile design selection of colors, textures, fabrics, models. 6 Selection of furniture, kitchens, plumbing and lighting selection of furniture, kitchens, plumbing and lighting fixtures shall be based on stylistic concept, the customer's wishes and the planned budget, a trip to the customer or without selection for kitchen furniture, plumbing and lighting fixtures for shops, salons and selection of catalogs. 7 rebounds accessories (vases, sculpture, painting, etc.) The selection of accessories decorating – painting, batik, tapestry, small sculptures, easel and monumental sculpture, woodcarving, pottery, etc. – subject to stylistic concept, the customer's wishes and the planned budget, a trip to the customer or without a selection of accessories for decorating the shops, lounges, showrooms, production of decorative items to order 8 Flora selection of tracks available on the market for an exclusive selection of artists works 9. Placement of all objects and attributes decor at the facility. Departure to the object and the location of interior decoration attributes at the facility 10. Letting the object further information support. The final departure of the object with the customer is a full customer support for further information