Idea Partner

Don’t worry much about defects or habits that do not disturb your partner, unless it is necessary to grow in other areas. Focus on those defects that you know that they both irritate your partner. He admits that you should change as you said, be stubborn just cause unhappiness in your marriage. Think that you can not change such or attitude which is only a sign of laziness. Everyone can change to improve. He admits that you have errors that you need to improve. If your spouse says something or striking you something that irritates him, evaluates if it is true and change. The idea is not to be a clone of your partner, or you’re as your partner tell you to be.

It is those defects of character that you know that you must change, because if you do, that cools the relationship and generates conflict that you admitas with sincerity. Changed some things you pick up a paper and pencil and write down the things you must change. Sometimes, by our stubbornness, pride and a dose of megalomania are not able to see our defects. It is very useful to ask you your partner things that you irritate it. Determines what should change and follow a plan of action to do so. Now there are books for everything, you can search by internet or buy a good one in your local bookstore to change such or which habit. Improve your communication skills.

Learn how to resolve conflicts. It improves your bad habits. Learn to control your temper. Get household chores that you don’t like to do, just to see your happy couple. Commit yourself to change. Your relationship will take a path very favorable if you do. Try it and you’ll see! Original author and source of the article