Gutter Drain

The device drain system for private homes – it is much more responsible than it might seem at first glance. Engage in its creation "by eye" – hence, risk to live on the "wet spot". Only a thorough and balanced approach will not meet on this path are numerous pitfalls and create a truly comfortable home. Calculation without marriage gutter system is composed of many elements: pipes, gutters, sinks, brackets, tees, clamps, elbows, etc. The main task of the designer – to ensure that the number and size of gutters match the configuration of the roof area and number of diverted rainwater. Traditionally it is considered that the ramp area of approximately 100 square meters.

m, usually quite a drain pipe to which a gutter size. If the area of 200 square slope. m gets an additional pipe or used more elements. In any case, the length of the gutters to the receiver water should not exceed 10 meters, and if this distance is longer, it is recommended to put another tube. To avoid mistakes in design, should make preliminary layout of the drainage elements. The easiest way to do it right on the photocopies of roof designs. In this case, clearly visible to the whole future of the system and its elements. After checking the plan starts assembly, passing by the standard procedure: first fixed horizontal piece (troughs and sinks), then there is linkage of vertical drain pipes. The course of construction works influences the type of buildings, particularly roofs, characteristics of the facade.