Getting a Mortgage

In a joint program of the client can get a bank's decision to grant a mortgage loan, as well as to order the necessary list of real estate services in the region of residence, and search services or selling real estate approval of the apartment in the bank, real estate appraisal, insurance, delivery and execution of the sale are the location of the property. Affiliate program provides an opportunity to use the services of the holding 'Miel' and KMB-Bank in St. Petersburg or Moscow, depending on where you live to get the full range of real estate and banking services in the market of another city. The range of services the program coincides with the power, traditionally provided by the parties and lets you save time and money of clients. "The purpose of our interaction – the dream of people who want to buy, sell or exchange property, located in St. Petersburg or Moscow with the use of loan funds – says the director of the St.

Petersburg branch of "Miel" Maria Sorokina. – Experience of holding "Miel" for the long-distance transactions, as well as experience KMB-BANK, the bank group "Intesa Sanpaolo" in mortgage lending helps to ensure maximum comfort and safety when carrying out such real estate transactions. " Holding "Miel" – the supplier intellectual services in real estate. Its principal activities are investment, development, consulting, brokerage and asset management. "Miel" in the Russian market for about 18 years. On today the network has 37 offices Holding, of which 6 are located in suburbs, 7 – in the regions.