Germany Property

Real Estate Market Analysis in Germany for the first half of 2009 shows as before a big range of prices and price trends. A characteristic feature of the German market can be called its stability and the absence of large fluctuations in prices even in times of global financial crisis. This phenomenon is due to several factors which contributed to the successful combination of stability in prices. Firstly, many owners reined in their facilities to the end of the tumultuous time "and thereby weaken the glut. Second, the significantly reduced entry of new housing that has spurred prices in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne. Third, wealthy people saw the appeal of real estate to invest money in comparison with financial instruments and increased demand. Fourth, property prices in Germany before the crisis were not "overheated", as in some other countries.

Buying makes sense objects, which in the long term at least retain its value as a maximum increase it to 4 – 6% per year. It is this increase in cost of interest for the owner as offsets inflation and general rise in prices. The key to a successful purchase are also, as before the location in the metropolitan areas, proximity to downtown and transportation hubs, no noise and the presence of greenery, decent neighbors. Leader in price and speed of their Growth remains with the prices of Munich from 2500 to 4000 euros per square meter and the rate of appreciation of 5-8% per year, far behind Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne. Caution should be exercised when buying objects in the famous suburb Munich – Grunwald, the prices of older houses are often highly inflated, the prestige of the area falls. Even more caution should apply to proposals for the sale of eastern lands, very attractive prices turn around times extremely low quality of construction, infrastructure and stagnant socio-tense neighborhood.