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First things first, to qualify for Obama’s home loan modification plan, your mortgage must be insured by either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. Currently, only these types of loans are eligible for the MHA plan. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bruce Schanzer. So, the home got be your primary residence. Once you’ve met these two requirements, Obama’s home loan modification plan gives you choices. You may either refinance or modify your current mortgage. Homeowner’s who are current on their mortgage payments and have a loan balance less than 105% of the current value of the home are eligible for a refinance. Have If you fall behind on any payments, refinancing is not the route for you.

Do not loose hope. Obama’s home loan modification plan therefore provides for those who are experiencing financial difficulties and have falling behind on their mortgage payments. A loan modification under the MHA plan is open to both those who are current on their payments and those who have missed a few payments. You must own the home as your primary residence and have a monthly payment, which is greater than 31% of your great monthly income. Obama’s home loan modification plan is geared towards at-risk borrowers in danger of losing their homes. Help is given by adjusting various loan terms to make the monthly mortgage payment more affordable. What is considered affordable? By using a debt-to-income ratio, or DTI, lenders can compute a new monthly mortgage payment that does not exceed 31% of a borrower’s great monthly income. Once the new payment is determined, the lender must then adjust various loan terms to arrive at that payment.

A lender will first reduce the interest rate of the loan to as low as to try to arrive at threshold 2% a 38% DTI. If 38% indicated be reached by the interest rate alone, the lender can extend the term of the loan up to 40 years, or they can forbear principal on the loan. Once the 38% is reached, the lender and the Treasury wants to institute a dollar per dollar matching program to adjust the rate even more and the new monthly payment get to the 31% DTI limit. Once a loan modification is achieved, borrowers have a “trial run” of three months to ensure that the new payment and loan terms are realistic. After three months of on-time payments, be fixed for five years to the new mortgage terms. Obama’s home loan modification plan and the MHA plan is intended to stop the tide of foreclosures affecting the U.S. economy and keep millions of American homeowners in their home. Loan modification program means the applicant applies to modify mortgage terms. For more information about this plan visit US at: loan-modification /.