Evaluate Apartments

Sale, purchase, exchange of housing – these real estate transactions are made constantly. When it is necessary to comply with its own interests to the fore issues of assessing the apartment. There are different ways of assessing the apartment. You can use the services of a licensed appraiser, realtor or do it yourself. A qualified appraiser will determine the value of the property with a high degree of reliability and fix their findings on official paper. Agent can evaluate both the on-site and by phone. Analyze the cost of housing may be on their own. In this case, you have to know about the mandatory criteria for the evaluation of real estate.

One of them is the location. Similar apartments are located in different regions of the houses will have an excellent price. In each city – its own characteristics. Speaking of the capital, the most prestigious name Central district, where – the most expensive apartments. Inexpensive, designated South, South-east. As a rule, accommodation in the heart of any city predpochitaemo most, and this affects the price. Thus, the most expensive real estate in Tver is located in the central region, and the cheapest – in the outskirts of the village Himinstituta.

The next criterion – it's proximity to transport. Long distances from the bus stop or subway may reduce the price by several thousand dollars. At the price effect is also characteristic of the location of the house infrastructure, which includes shops, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, sports complexes. An important criterion – the eco-friendliness. The proximity of CHP does not make attractive housing. Pay attention to the quality of the house – is important year of construction, condition of the building, wall material, number of floors and more. Conventionally, the house can be divided into "Stalin" five-story building, Khrushchev, modern block of flats and panels, as well as brick luxury building. By the logic of the most expensive will cost apartments in new buildings. In fact, Khrushchev housing can be assessed even higher. The reason for that – the status of "demolition." After a while, instead will be given a comfortable apartment in a prestigious area. Real estate in Tver and other cities with such a status is particularly in demand. Are important features such as floors and area. Accommodation on the ground floor is estimated less than average. With regard to the area, here are important: the number of rooms, availability of the loggia, storage and other outbuildings. Attention is drawn to views, state of the apartment. In assessing housing are taken into account, and legal aspects. The most beneficial option, in which there are no any difficulties in processing the documents for the apartment (there is no prescription of people, she not subject to settlement and so on).