EUREX Investment

Market independence is an exclusive investment boutique, specializing in the area of speculative investment in peak PP brokerage. Institutional and high net worth private clients obtaining high-quality market-independent trade here in the form of managed accounts. With the strategy ' PP-Pluto's published chili assets now data of a more interesting trade strategy of the Dusseldorf finance specialists. There are certified U.S. futures broker, EUREX traders, bankers, economists and professionals, who have joined together in the Dusseldorfer Schloss Elbroich Vermogensverwaltung PP brokerage GmbH. They combine high technical Know-How and decades of experience in dealing with complex global financial markets. Who looking for investments from the bar"is, will not find here. But investors who finally want to turn their back on the high tracking of their portfolios with the extreme volatility of the capital market.

Market independence, is the central theme of the Dusseldorf Financial specialists. Traditional investment strategies, which include only the buying and holding of shares, keeping little. Rather, it remains flexible and uses, such as futures, options and CFDs also sharper weapons, can work with the in-house investment strategies effectively and accurately with rising and falling prices. We are located in the area of speculative investment, the Dusseldorf finance specialists devote their full concentration. The high-quality mostly discretionary trading strategies of the House show clearly that it is possible to offer much opportunity-oriented investments, with absolutely nothing ' along have in common. On the contrary: the core strategies of asset management points with surprisingly low volatility and in consideration of the trading histories show only short phases of the drawdown. The aim is speculative strategies by careful technical and fundamental market analysis, accurately selected and exit points and meticulous risk management, as sure as somehow possible to make. Limit one wants the choice of investment instruments nor on a limited range of the market. "" Where you can see profit potential you would like to take advantage of this, no matter whether long "or short", whether in Europe or Asia, in the foreign exchange market, shares or commodities.