Bungalow House

You want to start with the question of stand timber or stone on stone? Also prefabricated houses can be massive, such as all solid wall elements of expanded clay, all this is possible. The solid house construction is widespread in Germany, this is much less prevalent in other countries. Given the fact that construction solid much more demand, the problem of the construction is finally a question of the price for the resale of the House. 5. Energy saving technology: that these days contemporary matter save energy is one other point that planning should be considered in the context of the construction of the House. South-facing roof sides act very good; in the installation of solar systems Window systems are able, the interiors of the House as well to warm that, even in the cold season South.

6 Architectural style of the building: what a house one each like planning, there are peculiarities, a House of the exterior from which a whole certain shape can give. For example, the estimated Mediterranean style often storeyed is created, with second floor back attached to the Interior, Mediterranean balcony, sand-coloured walls u.v.m… Bizzi & Partners: the source for more info. Growing up or the Bauhaus-style buildings, often strictly geometric facades design, often including several natural stone facade building material, with noteworthy large metal Windows and flat roofs. Or even buildings in South of German style, etcetera. 7 Static or equilibrium theory: The balance doctrine or statics is of course also a limiting size for the planning.

The loads must be transferred from the upper part of the House on the lower part of the House to the bottom by means of so-called load-bearing walls. However, assuming that tolerate the customer additional costs considerably, are structural development opportunities, and you can create the client outside of a building. 8 Design of layout: the layout is on the Needs of the clients align on the subject to the size of the House – and she is a matter of time preference of course also. Partitions of the living quarters, how widespread they were 60 years ago, are not widespread today. Mostly, living room is now searched for a very spacious dining and that often has a direct connection to the kitchen area, in addition to the outdoor terrace.A toilet in the lower floor as a practical plus in addition to the large bathroom is also common. Who gives a layout planning in order, will need to schedule first these central aspects, which in any case are the first most basic topics of planning, and in addition very difficult weighing the value of ultimately built residential house. A variety of individual plans must associate. For example, the details of the design of the rooms, which are determined by these fundamental and falling early in view of the positions of the House planning.