Brandenburg Region

New reference book for 2011 appeared the own House is among many Germans at the top of your wish list. It stands for self realization, safety and security. The dream of owning a home can be for many reality and the conditions are excellent. No wonder that in the last year for the first time since abolition of the the building permit numbers have increased. The custom home offers the security that offers a home security, is undisputed.

Especially in difficult times like in the recent past is the rent-free home of great benefit. Also as an investment real estate in Germany is predestined. Little lucrative are the alternatives in the form of savings and investments in stocks are very risky. Experts assume that inflation rates will significantly increase by high government debt and the euro crisis in the near future. Also here the homeowner as intrinsic value plays out its strength and offers according to protection. The way in the own House is not just the way in one’s House is long and difficult.

There are a number of decisions that must be taken and that one will take a long time. While the decision about the appearance of the House is already a lighter, because this mainly depends on personal taste. The decisions to the Interior are much more difficult”value of the House. As to the construction of the House be solid or finished? Not the questions of financing are also to underestimate and the legal things. In times of constantly increasing energy prices and reinforced environmental protection of the utmost importance is also the choice of heating system and heat protection. The new pattern House Leader Berlin & Brandenburg gives the answers to answer all these questions, many advisors are available and you can access a variety of information sources. One of these tools is the new pattern house leader. To compare and examine the variety of offers, a visit to the numerous show homes in the region and its expert is of course To consultants. Learn what you should observe and how you prepare the best, in cooperation with the builders Schutzbund e.V., Germany’s largest consumer protection organization for builders, in this issue, emerged. The new pattern House Leader Berlin & Brandenburg 2011 is now available for 2.00 in trade press. It can be ordered on the Internet at pattern house leader. Fabian Mackenzie regional real estate Verlagsgesellschaft mbH