Bolivarian Republic

There’s no denying that this fact constitutes an interesting opening towards the collaboration of Venezuela in relation to countries, actors that integrate Petrocaribe, expresses the will of the signatories to consolidate the energy union as an instrument of political and strategic alliance in the region. Stands out in draw, take into account that the Petrocaribe energy cooperation agreement is much more than a contract of supply of hydrocarbons, is a political initiative designed to provide both financial and structural facilities that ensure the direct delivery to the countries of the area, where the market of the hydrocarbons is affected by brokering and speculation. Very interesting the information indicated, that Petrocaribe is an implicit articulation of existing conventions above, as the agreement of San Jose and the Caracas energy agreement. However, improving the conditions of the latter, which provides for the funding of 25% of the invoice, with a year of grace, payable in 15 years, with 2% interest. Copnsidedrese, Petrocaribe proposed a scale of financing between 5% and 50% of the oil bill, taking as a reference the price of hydrocarbons. It also extends the grace period for the financing of one to two years and foresees an extension of the period of payment of 17 to 25 years, reducing the interest at 1%, if the oil price exceeds $40 per barrel. Short term of 60 per cent of the invoice payment ranges from 30 to 90 days. Add in your analysis, based on the solidarity principles of this agreement, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela It is willing to accept that portion of the payment differential invoice be done with goods and services, which can offer, in some cases, special prices finally, very interesting take into consideration, that the Petrocaribe agreement is based on the following political principles: Union solidarity cooperation complementarity energy security socioeconomic development sovereign use of energy resources. Conservation vision look toward the original southern author and source of the article.