Barred No Justification For Extraordinary Termination

Owners or managers of rental units have the power to grant a restraining order a tenant’s visitors, if they inappropriately behaved exceedingly precedent at the Amtsgericht Wetzlar. The real estate portal reported that this circumstance but grants the right to extraordinary termination the tenants. About exactly such a case, the District Court in Wetzlar, Germany had now to decide. The 28 year-old grandson of a tenant caused trouble on the grounds of the House, he terrorized teenagers with a gun and a dagger under the influence of alcohol and put in fear. The owner of the House the man subsequently spoke out a restraining order. According to the tenant, settled this approach their landlord does not justify and their opinion was irrelevant. She stressed that she could not contest their everyday lives without the help and support of the grandson.

The woman filed therefore the termination of their lease, and then the homeowners complained. The Court gave the landlord right. Due to the severity of the misconduct of the grandson’s son, the outspoken House ban was necessarily adequate. The young man had significantly disrupted not only the House peace, but also represented a serious body – and danger for young people threatened by him. The Court thus confirmed the approach of the lessor. According to the mentioned judgment, there are no legal objections to deny the access to the House land the grandson in the future. Ultimately, this remains one of a few special cases in which the landlord may so vehemently hurt the rights of the lessee.