Authority Apartment

One stamp will cost only 500-600 rubles. The same applies to forms, certificates, powers of attorney. Quite a few corrupt individuals: workers DEZa, passport office, registry office, notaries. Therefore, when buying Apartment carefully check the documents. It is better if you go to the assistance of qualified, independent attorney. He can see a fake.

Also invited to participate in the deal a good notary, which is better look for yourself. Notary by the seller may consist of conspiring with him. Collection of documents for the purchase of an apartment you will need a large quantity of documents. That’s a standard checklist: 1. A document certifying your identity – passport. 2.

Certificate confirming ownership. His issue at Companies House. 3. Technical passport of houses, apartments, issued by the bti 4. Help, inform the assessed value of housing (BTI). 5. Extract from Brownie books on all registered residents to buy apartments (for the whole period of residence), including minor children. 5. Help from the tax (Tax Authority), the absence of debts on rent and utilities. 6. Help from the building management or a copy of the personal account. 7. The consent of a spouse seller for sale, notarized, or a certificate that the seller is not married. 8. Permission to deal of the guardianship, if the impact on children under 14 years (orphans and owners of apartments). 9. The consent of parents or guardians for sale housing, if the child is 14 to 18 years. 10. Documents establishing the right to deal: a contract of exchange, sale, gift, certificate of inheritance, etc. 11. Certified Power of Attorney, if the sale is carried out by a third party. 12. Extract obtained from the Unified State Register of Rights to real estate, that the apartment is not arrested and not burdened. 13. If the housing is acquired land, we need a cadastral extract, and the right of land ownership. Indirect Pay Now buyers and sellers avoid the risks at the conclusion of the transaction by an indirect payment. Indeed, much calmer, when a large amount is not in your hands. There are several ways such payment: the use of cash the agency, accreditation and seyfing. What choose – it’s up to you. Any purchase – is the risk. Will it be large or small, depends on many factors. Your task – to explore these factors and minimize the risk of buying an apartment. Remember that to cancel the deal sales can be 10 years from the date of its conclusion. Headache will be less, if you will find all of the nuances. Choose an apartment with a clean history. ” Good luck purchase!