Argentine Atlantic

While to plan a trip to the Caribbean is you must have $ (when not euros) in his pocket, according to data from the agencia de viajes, vacationing abroad will be much more convenient to do it in local tourist destinations, is worth say, Argentines. By more ridiculous as it seems, at the time of compare and decide the fate of the upcoming holidays, the Pocket is affected less by choosing, for example, a beach paradise in Cancun. This is due to the strong increase in the rates that will be handled in the Argentine Atlantic coast this summer as a result of the increase in the inflation rate registered in our country. Thus, according to estimates, a family type composed of four people will need around 20,000 pesos for 15 days at the beach. For example, a tent in full season in Playa Grande or in Punta Mogotes, two of the favourite destinations for tourists, will cost from $6,500 to $8,500 (i.e., approximately $2,000).

The data are not to Nothing best in story to the accommodation. Renting an apartment for a fortnight will be above $5,000. If it is thought that for example there are hotels in Cancun from 50 dollars a day, the accounts are unnecessary. Finally, food calculates that the average spending in the Argentine Coast will be around the $200 daily per person. At the same time, appear deals with that by $1200 take you to Cancun with packages all inclusive and in first-line Hotels. Ultimately, this year the Argentine Coast vacation will cost approximately 115% more than do in the Caribbean.

For some it is a sort of return to the past, after so many ups and downs, vacationing abroad has once again become something more than possible just as it happened in the era of the one. Many nostalgic are more than happy with this situation, which is not repeated for hoteliers and gourmet of the Argentine tourist destinations. Just as in the 1990s, a vacation in the Caribbean package returned to the scope of a class family media that works and saves all year to reach your precious holidays. Since the departure of convertibility, back in 2001, the relationship between vacation in Argentina and do it in the Caribbean was almost 2.4. In 2007 this relationship was already in half and is currently negative.