A Resource That Does Not Can Ignore The Enthusiasm

The word enthusiasm comes from Greek and means having a God within himself. Enthusiastic or excited person was one that was taken by one of the gods, guided by his strength and wisdom, and for that reason could transform the nature that surrounds it and make that things occur. Only those enthusiasts were able to overcome the challenges of everyday life. It was necessary therefore excite to solve problems encountered and move to a new and better situation. The enthusiasm is not a quality that is constructed or which develops. It is a State of faith, of asserting itself. MetododeEstudio.com we have referred in previous installments, the difficulties of understanding, which tend to have future generations in everything to do with literal statements, that different religions that holding them, have given, certain passages of the Bible. We think, that the biggest obstacle to overcome, is due to that the reader perceives, before even attempting to deal with the content of this book, it warns you to not only venture into the analysis, if you don’t have the proper advice of authorized instructors, the reading will be not only of difficult foray, but which may also be exposed to the subtleties of the evil one to confuse him to such an extent that it may remain mired in darkness if the inevitable recommendation is added to this feeling that invades you,should consult with them we are referring to the advisers to shift, because they and only they are the only possessors of absolute truth, that other religions, sects or groups, that have been used previously, or intends to have recourse in the future, they may have the best intentions but that for this or that reason, are in errortruth is one, belongs to them the alleged argument is irrefutable: they are holders exclusivity of divine revelation. In this situation, one wonders, what is it What is happening with me? Why should I resort to intermediaries? Is it possible, that I was born with an inherited abnormality of my ancestors? Are there any debt that need to pay? The possessors of the truth, can charge me your brokerage? Me why you cite examples that the greater my contribution, the greater the reward received, there is a current account in the heavens, whose balance in red is required me to pay?? Etc etc.