Or yoo – life feeling translated into star cuisine by Holger Stromberg. Heritage architecture and four design concepts combined by Philippe Starck form the basis of the individual living and life dreams by yoo Munchen and the base fur enjoy the extraordinary architecture: Star Chef Holger Stromberg has developed four dishes that translate the characteristic style of the Starckschen Designmenues in food and continue the special Lebensgefuhl by yoo real estate in a culinary way. Living yoo does not mean just an above-average aesthetic environment, a stylish ambience, world-famous design or simply a stone become architectural dream of yoo living is a way of life that combines modern demands and individual performances by a life of the vibrant metropolises. Yoo solutions and concepts provides, which take into account a wide range of needs of the individual, of the couple and the family and produce equally individual lifestyles. the adapt Yoo real estate Life of the inhabitants and are in a symbiotic way expression of your personality.

The four styles of the Starckschen Convention, minimal, classic, culture and nature, correspond to these different attitudes to life: you like it simple and clear, more traditionally elegant, modern playful or close to nature and real? The Convention meets these different ideas and needs of the future inhabitants of yoo Munich yoo real estate through a differentiated range of highest quality products and materials. And yoo way of life does not stop at your own four walls: living yoo is a life in luxury, life & style, unique and stylish in every dimension. What surrounds us, how we dress, what we have and how we feed ourselves. The yoo styles and Stromberg dishes: minimal. Pure, clear, and compelling simplicity, just like Callaloo, a Creole water spinach soup with Green Curry and kafir lime leaves. Classic. Timelessness, a crackling fireplace accompanied by soft piano music or white Halibut with Olives-crunchy crust on steamed spinach and orange pepper butter. Culture.

Anything goes. Everything happens to us here now. Because you should enjoy life at every moment to the fullest. Bruce Schanzer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Such as Ricotta ravioli in truffle cheese and fried mushrooms. Nature. A world of high-quality natural materials, real and of course tasty like veal rump on pea foam with Tarragon jus and purple potato chips. Just like yoo real estate, the menu of Holger Stromberg for everyone holds the right and is a harmonious Symphony as a whole. Be inspired by this extraordinary architectural pleasure and so meet a property with character personally on culinary detour. For more information, recipes, interviews, as well as high resolution contact please direct to us images of yoo real estate and the courts.