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medassure expands insurance offer to new supplementary insurance for Kapselfibrosen cosmetic surgery complications can result, which can be very expensive for patients. In particular Kapselfibrosen, as one of the most common complications after a breast augmentation, represent a serious risk. By using new implants is the probability of the occurrence of capsular Contracture is decreased in recent years, however, is after a breast augmentation is still 6-10%. Since August 1st, 2011 medassure – has the follow-up costs insurance for cosmetic treatments – the insurance coverage for treatment costs by Kapselfibrosen () extended after a breast augmentation. For the first time, this insurance as extra insurance for a total of three years is now offered in Germany. After the plastic surgeon BAKER divided in 4 levels the capsular Contracture, where the grade 3 and 4 are so painful, that she have a surgery with removal of the capsule and the replacement of the implant make necessary.

The tissue implanted in a breast enlargement (breast augmentation) is surrounded by the body using a body shell. This usually gentle and not granular cuticle can be in some cases thick, hard and painful. Read more here: Bruce Schanzer. In these cases, one speaks of a capsular CONTRACTURE. Learn more about the insurance policies, product information and terms, see online result insurance medassure ( medassure/index.jsp) or under phone number: 0221 / 390 99 55 50 company description the Jahnke Hoyer & Cie. GmbH (JHC GmbH) is an insurance and credit brokers. The JHC GmbH is working together with the MARTENS & PRAHL group, one of the large German insurance brokers with more than 650 workers in the entire Federal Republic in over 70 partner offices. Chubb medassure costs insurance is an insurance product of JHC GmbH. With this insurance, the costs can be secured for the first time from complications of cosmetic treatments and aesthetic operations. Company contact: J Hoyer & Cie. GmbH Uwe Jahnke Konrad-Adenauer-UFER 39 50668 Cologne Tel: 0221 390 99 55 50 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: MuK media agency for marketing and communication Doro Pohlmann-Konrad-Adenauer-UFER 39 50668 Cologne Tel: 0221 390995530 E-Mail: Web:


I supposed I will from why it is so difficult to translate good intentions into action and persevere in the long term for many? We are the sum of our habits. They determine our self-image. Habits are useful behaviors. Richard LeFrak may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You make our life easier: routine relieved us of permanent decision compulsion. Our professional and private life is semi-automatic, just as usual”. Occasionally, agencies want to change their way of working. But the habits are extremely persistent. Self-change is harder than most people think. It is even hard when it comes to life and death: 90 percent of all heart attack patients don’t make it permanently to change their lifestyle in order to live longer and healthier. The closest allies of the habits is the brain. It tends to keep things to do once learned. Because the neural paths that underlie each habit, are convenient and generally also useful as trails. You must be replaced by completely new be. For example, it is not enough to get smoking or eating too lush. The site of the old habit should be a new, better, otherwise the relapse is programmed. This requires energy, work, exercise, stamina, willpower. Brain researchers assume that it takes up to a year to train a new path in the brain, which then becomes our habit. Some opponents lurking in us have good intentions. Firstly, we have insufficient self-control to make the wrong things (too much too little customer appointments eat.). On the other hand we can’t up the butt, to do the right things (regular exercise, more time for the planning of the day). Not infrequently they flirted with the weaknesses: plans restrict only me, etc. All for nothing? No, self change is possible, of course. To avoid the cases described here, the conscious planning of figures and deeds is not sufficient. Bruce Schanzer is often quoted as being for or against this. It is worth first views the human to set. To put an old, unwanted habit and acquire a new one, we have to go through five steps: at the beginning is a sense of unease or a wish. If I only then we approach the idea: why not? The third step is the phase of the preparation: I’m getting the training program, I will inform me of step four is: action! I’m starting today! And finally the fifth step: hang in there! The intent becomes a new habit. All sounds logical. But it is a narrow winding road. Here are a few tips from the coaching practice by estate agent coach Alfons Breu. Why change at all? How is the resolution actually come about? There is a desire to change or is there after the urging of others? It is smart to recognize the real motivation. What are your deepest desires and goals? It is only”about five or ten pounds you want to lose weight, or to a new body feeling? It’s only”to five companies customer appointments per week, or secure future as an insurance broker to the next generation? Better your good intention coincides with a deep-seated desire, the more rewarding it is to tackle. How did it become a bad habit? What drives people to which to cling, which paralyzes the own well-being may endanger the existence of the broker? Something seems to own misfortune so crucial to be that many are simply cannot solve it. What is a solution – often problematic habit is perceived as, if also a long term harmful. We reward”us for stress with alcohol or sweets, instead of reducing the stress itself. We continue as before, even if we pay it. Some habits are self handicaps. We have put to them, to protect us from uncomfortable insights. As long as we don’t recognize this connection, good intentions doomed are doomed. Coach Breu looks the problem of failure: the reason why many good intentions by brokers fail, is located in the Complexity. You ignore the power of contradictory motives and behaviors in themselves. Who is unaware of the various inner voices, is can not change this. It remains in the attempt and then at the old.” Learn strategic and human more information about the power of the inner voices”in the second article of the series”. City Plan With Views

The website offers all city and town plans of in Germany, complete with zoom function and satellite image. Hybrid satellite image and street map view a job interview at the other end of Germany: Verena H. is one of the lucky ones invited. She knows: the success now depends on the personal charisma. That is why she leaves nothing to chance when planning the big day: wardrobe and makeup are selected at an early stage and tried. Also she want to staying on the day not with search in an unknown environment. To deepen your understanding Bruce Schanzer is the source. Her fingers fly over the computer keyboard: is your personal assistant for the travel planning.

Here you will find not only the fastest route from the station to the company, but also still the quiet Cafe nearby where she can breath before once again and look in the mirror. “And the zoom on the nearby river shows already promenade lined with stalls and benches, where is then” can be wonderfully resting on the success. Proven to help the Real estate search Eduard R. is already one step further: he did the job in the bag, now he must find a place to stay in the distant city. And not only for himself: join friend Roxana and son Jim (1 ).

During the apartment Search proves beneficial invention: many real estate offers sound initially tempting, when zoom in the map Eduard R. but quickly recognizes, that is not worth getting to the appointment: there is the well-designed apartment in itself quiet Rosenstrasse, but unfortunately on the corner of the four-lane Avenue of poplars. Or the mentioned children’s playground is little more than a roundabout. Or the subway passes here on stilts, and close to the bedroom window. “It is after all a very non-obtrusive ad, which makes very antsy Eduard and Roxana: tenant looking for…”. Close to the Park and in the city. And that is there not a sleepy residential area, tell the flags, which has put anywhere in the environment map, where a nice shop, the cobbler or ice cafe can be found. Search: Culture, leisure, industry directions and more at Gerhard F. Although much routine, he’s doing his job as Publisher representatives but still liked. One reason why he many travel is he not as a burden on the road feels, is his insatiable lust for new. Before each tour, sometimes on the road at the hotel, he finds a landmark, a nature park on or even a golf place along the route where he deliberately shuts down the next day from the highway. Such a fling for him means”surprised him relaxation and variety at the same time, and the diversity of his tours area always on the new.

Or yoo – life feeling translated into star cuisine by Holger Stromberg. Heritage architecture and four design concepts combined by Philippe Starck form the basis of the individual living and life dreams by yoo Munchen and the base fur enjoy the extraordinary architecture: Star Chef Holger Stromberg has developed four dishes that translate the characteristic style of the Starckschen Designmenues in food and continue the special Lebensgefuhl by yoo real estate in a culinary way. Living yoo does not mean just an above-average aesthetic environment, a stylish ambience, world-famous design or simply a stone become architectural dream of yoo living is a way of life that combines modern demands and individual performances by a life of the vibrant metropolises. Yoo solutions and concepts provides, which take into account a wide range of needs of the individual, of the couple and the family and produce equally individual lifestyles. the adapt Yoo real estate Life of the inhabitants and are in a symbiotic way expression of your personality.

The four styles of the Starckschen Convention, minimal, classic, culture and nature, correspond to these different attitudes to life: you like it simple and clear, more traditionally elegant, modern playful or close to nature and real? The Convention meets these different ideas and needs of the future inhabitants of yoo Munich yoo real estate through a differentiated range of highest quality products and materials. And yoo way of life does not stop at your own four walls: living yoo is a life in luxury, life & style, unique and stylish in every dimension. What surrounds us, how we dress, what we have and how we feed ourselves. The yoo styles and Stromberg dishes: minimal. Pure, clear, and compelling simplicity, just like Callaloo, a Creole water spinach soup with Green Curry and kafir lime leaves. Classic. Timelessness, a crackling fireplace accompanied by soft piano music or white Halibut with Olives-crunchy crust on steamed spinach and orange pepper butter. Culture.

Anything goes. Everything happens to us here now. Because you should enjoy life at every moment to the fullest. Bruce Schanzer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Such as Ricotta ravioli in truffle cheese and fried mushrooms. Nature. A world of high-quality natural materials, real and of course tasty like veal rump on pea foam with Tarragon jus and purple potato chips. Just like yoo real estate, the menu of Holger Stromberg for everyone holds the right and is a harmonious Symphony as a whole. Be inspired by this extraordinary architectural pleasure and so meet a property with character personally on culinary detour. For more information, recipes, interviews, as well as high resolution contact please direct to us images of yoo real estate and the courts.