Purchase of Property in Italy

There is no better place than the sea, embracing San Remo (Liguria, Italy) and its surroundings on the horizon: hence it seems that the city flaunts the midst of a vast bay, which is limited by two Cape: Green to the east and Black on west. Working and living in this wonderful city, located on the northern coast of Italy, not far from the famous French Riviera, we are well aware of his tremendous appeal and a special originality. Unusually mild climate attracts tourists from all countries. It seems that the mountains made on purpose to protect the coast from cold north winds. Therefore, in the San Remo almost no rain, sunny days, always, but average soft and pleasant temperatures in summer 28 OS OS 10 in the winter.

All the Azure Coast, with its incomparable climate, boasts beautiful parks and gardens with a unique composition of vegetation. Buying Procedure real estate. Required documents: passport and Tax Code (Codice fiscale), which may be issued at the time the buyer is located in Italy. Also during the first visit to Italy buyer must open an external Euro bank account. The transaction will be concluded around under the scheme. So, eye on the villa? You write a letter, which says that examining the object you want to buy it and ask them to officially communicate the price to provide the act technical condition, the plan object and explain other conditions of purchase. Along the way, you have to put in a deposit account an amount equal to 1% of the price of the security deposit priobreteniya.Danny provided for violations contract idolzhen be paid by bank transfer as a free deposit, located in trust in the hands of a representative of the agency.