Evaluate Apartments

Sale, purchase, exchange of housing – these real estate transactions are made constantly. When it is necessary to comply with its own interests to the fore issues of assessing the apartment. There are different ways of assessing the apartment. You can use the services of a licensed appraiser, realtor or do it yourself. A qualified appraiser will determine the value of the property with a high degree of reliability and fix their findings on official paper. Agent can evaluate both the on-site and by phone. Analyze the cost of housing may be on their own. In this case, you have to know about the mandatory criteria for the evaluation of real estate.

One of them is the location. Similar apartments are located in different regions of the houses will have an excellent price. In each city – its own characteristics. Speaking of the capital, the most prestigious name Central district, where – the most expensive apartments. Inexpensive, designated South, South-east. As a rule, accommodation in the heart of any city predpochitaemo most, and this affects the price. Thus, the most expensive real estate in Tver is located in the central region, and the cheapest – in the outskirts of the village Himinstituta.

The next criterion – it's proximity to transport. Long distances from the bus stop or subway may reduce the price by several thousand dollars. At the price effect is also characteristic of the location of the house infrastructure, which includes shops, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, sports complexes. An important criterion – the eco-friendliness. The proximity of CHP does not make attractive housing. Pay attention to the quality of the house – is important year of construction, condition of the building, wall material, number of floors and more. Conventionally, the house can be divided into "Stalin" five-story building, Khrushchev, modern block of flats and panels, as well as brick luxury building. By the logic of the most expensive will cost apartments in new buildings. In fact, Khrushchev housing can be assessed even higher. The reason for that – the status of "demolition." After a while, instead will be given a comfortable apartment in a prestigious area. Real estate in Tver and other cities with such a status is particularly in demand. Are important features such as floors and area. Accommodation on the ground floor is estimated less than average. With regard to the area, here are important: the number of rooms, availability of the loggia, storage and other outbuildings. Attention is drawn to views, state of the apartment. In assessing housing are taken into account, and legal aspects. The most beneficial option, in which there are no any difficulties in processing the documents for the apartment (there is no prescription of people, she not subject to settlement and so on).

Choosing a Real Estate Agency

For one of the professions that: "As long as there is hair – hairdressers will be needed." Of course, while there thieves – are going to need the police, are still alive people will need bakers, and, of course, as long as people live in homes, experts on Property will be in demand in the labor market. Buy or sell an apartment in the city of Rostov, and in any other city – it is a very complicated question, whose solution will require much time and labor. Search sites and potential customers, the organization of preliminary talks and views of apartments – it's just the initial phase, for which there is a whole layer of serious work. Before it comes to registration and registration, careful collection and a full legal review of documents, and it's only by a competent technician. One should also consider the fact that directly buy or sell an apartment in Chicago fairly easy – direct transactions are conducted entirely slightly, the vast majority is a "chain" of so-called "alternative" transactions. How to buy "his" apartment, so she gathered all the parameters, but not to overpay? How to check the powers of seller's right to sign a treaty to take into account all the nuances? If you can buy a new apartment just sold the old one, then as a "dock" the sale and purchase? Do it alone, without some knowledge and experience, rather difficult and not always possible. To purchase the new apartment did not remain a pipe dream, it is better from the outset to use the services of real estate. .

The Boiler

A brand new product for our market – this is the boiler running on wood pellets (pellets). Although information is available about these boilers is relatively long, we can say that in Russia they are almost not represented. The reason, perhaps, the relatively high price of the boiler or the absence of the fuel widely available. However, the Boilers have a number of of advantages over conventional boilers for solid fuels. First, they are environmentally friendly because the production of pellets do not use chemical additives. Second, the calorific value of pellets is higher than usual timber (capacity pellet boilers ATMOS up to 92%.).

Third, pellet boilers operate in a fully automated mode. Fourth, the pellets are easy to store (requires less space), and transport. They are less prone to spontaneous combustion, biologically inactive – do not contain dust and spores that can cause allergic reactions. Pellet boiler ATMOS is designed as follows. In the body of the boiler built a special burner, in which the bunker with the screw enter boot pellets. The bunker is located next to the boiler or in an adjacent room and can be any size. Upon receiving the command 'strata', ie if necessary, heat, turn the screw, which pours pellets into the burner nozzle.

Pellets ignited by a glowing coil and when they are sufficiently combustion, the burner automatically selects the set output of which is as long as all system is heated. Thereafter, the burner is turned off and the pellets remaining in the nozzle, burning down. The operation of the burner is made by electronic control. Loading of fuel, cleaning the burner and ash removal are carried out once 1 – 14 days, depending on the quality of pellets. Pellet boilers ATMOS designed so that, if necessary, you can remove the pellet burner and replace it with a lid and heat an ordinary timber. And finally, the boiler ATMOS, which currently has no analogues on Russian heating market – a combined model boiler ATMOS DC (L). The boiler can work with wood, pellet, gas and liquid fuel. And perhaps alternate fuels without conversion of the boiler, depending on whether the burner is installed on it, pellet, gas or fuel oil: wood and wood pellets, wood, natural gas, wood and liquid fuels. The boiler is designed as housing with three cameras, one above the other. In the two upper chambers are burning wood pyrolysis. In the third – the bottom, lined with ceramic burner fits the selected type. Both systems are separated from each other by a water jacket and so have almost no influence on each other, so boiler achieves high (92%) efficiency of the combustion of certain fuels. At the moment the boilers ATMOS DC (L) is available in four sizes in Depending on the power – 15 to 35 kW. To protect from overheating all ATMOS boilers are available with cooling circuit. See photos of boilers Atmos>>