British Museum

They tended to create an internal and external behavior based on reflection and auto-control of impulses. They teach how to live in a balanced way, how to interact with oneself and also with his family and society. They teach the value of friendship, generosity and love, the pernicious effects of pride, arrogance and greed, when and how one should speak and when to keep silent, etc. Outlined below some examples: follow your heart while you are on Earth and makes a perfect day (Estela 37984 British Museum) not increpes your partner in the midst of a dispute and be sure to express what your heart can repent (teachings of Amenemope, twentieth dynasty) who courageously faces a disgrace, not feel all the rigor of misfortune (Anjsesongy) not ensalces more to the son of the man of rank that to the of humble birthplace. Judge a man by his actions.(Merikara) Perfect yourself before your eyes, beware that not one whom you have to refine (Djedefhor teachings, dynasty IV) not anores your House when you’re working; not receive antipathy to a person just by looking at it, if you know nothing of it; not ’cause you while you have something; Don’t let that they disturb the material things. You’re not dissatisfied with your work.(Anjsesongy) You do not vanaglories of your knowledge, nor enorgullezcas you because you are a wise man.

Taking Council of the ignorant in the same way that Sage therefore has not reached the limit of the art, and there is no artisan who purchased its perfection. (Ptahhotep) One of the most interesting digests that has come to us is the highest call of Ptahhotep, of the v dynasty The texts have some four thousand years, though its exact dating is a controversial issue. The main text that conveys the teaching of Ptahhotep is called Papyrus Prisse, deposited at the French National Library.

Bad Homburg

This trading system had it last year particularly difficult, because day pattern needed for the trading success in the currency pair EUR/USD occurred much less frequently than in previous years. Accordingly, the system, which is offered in Germany about the trading systems portfolio management in Bad Homburg could finish the year 2011 only with loss (- 12.9%). Yet portfolio shows A a lower drawdown in comparison to the pure Dax history: there are approx. 2.5% points to the loss could be cushioned by diversification. A large buffer effect during the worst phase of German shares in the past year also originating from the House of PP brokerage stock managing long / short and the trading system shows similar to PC breakout of the Cologne asset manager portfolio concept. Individually considered, succeeded in both systems 2011 in the plus and end the maximum drawdown to keep low. It is noticeable in the use of a DAX portfolio these managed accounts on the one hand to help mitigate the loss of the index, soak in the following to the end of the year recovery of the German stock market index in the portfolio but not braking on the value. Instead, they consider the portfolio value the mixed portfolio faster in the direction of the initial value.

MTS invest of the Swiss managed account specialists inter core financial has completed the past year totally unmoved by the debt crisis. The damping characteristics in the use of a mixed portfolio are correspondingly large. The 15% employed in our tests-Beimischungen have for MTS invest nearly enough to compensate for the complete loss of DAX at the end of the year. The deposit mix as at 31 December in the minus recorded only 1 percentage point. Systems, which in the hot phase of the debt crisis in September not only completely by the index history could detach itself, but Contrarily have used this phase are also interesting.

Supreme Court

A judgment of the Federal Court of justice speak also for the permissibility of separate cost offsets (from 20.01.2005 – III ZR 251/04). After that running the Supreme Court inter alia that at separating brokerage contract and insurance policy not only legally, but also actually made the claim on the broker pay regardless insist the later fate of the insurance contract and a premature termination of the insurance does not touch the obligation to pay the brokerage rates. Contrary to the opinion of the 10th Civil Chamber of the Landgericht Rostock (in their judgment of the 06.08.2010-10 O 137/10) not the legal right of termination the policyholder will undermine this also or the scheme of also no penalty comes immediately. Tishman Speyer recognizes the significance of this. Because the closing costs could be paid by a single payment and be transparent to the policyholder. If the contract costs so clearly in mind will be the customers, it was for him to calculate whether the contract is economically meaningful. The risk one is economically necessary as detrimental given legal transaction the policyholder but then deliberately would. The Supreme Court was at the 20.03.2013 in two Revision procedure also deal with the question, whether additional cost compensation agreements are allowed. In the process the AZ.: IV ZR 162/12 had the lower courts (LG Leipzig, 19.04.2012 3s 571/11;) AG Oschatz, Seattle Sounders 2 C-390/11) upheld the claim of the insurer on payment of the total cost in the procedure to the AZ.: IV ZR 265/12 was the insurer in the Court of appeal (LG Cottbus, 20.06.2012 1 S 142/11;) AG Lahiri 28.07.2011 20 C-226/10) remained unsuccessful. Shortly before the trial, the insurer has withdrawn his appeal against the repellent action judgment of the LG Cottbus, the dismissal was therefore valid. The second pending procedure the insurer at the hearing said the waiver of the claim pursued by him, and may require more from the respondent policyholder no further payment on the cost equalization agreement. Links: District Court of Warstein, judgment of the 17.10.2012, 3 C-161/12 (…) LG Rostock, judgment of 10.08.2012, 1 S 315/10 ( GPC law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin

Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz

The 29 apartments cost an average of approximately EUR 5.000,-per m m. The land sale in Starnberg:, 96 land were advertised, with the average real estate price per m amounted to 666,-euros and the average size was 1,350 m. (2) “Starnberg has a name and a very beautiful location. There is also little waters in Germany that can keep up with the overall with the Starnberger See Lake. Connect with other leaders such as Rob Speyer here. Further advantages are fast in Munich and quickly in the mountains, people move to live in Starnberg. It will remain so and shows can be found in the real estate market and the real estate prices “, says the Munich real estate agent Rainer Fischer of the Red Cross course, which deals in addition to Munich also include Starnberg. Sources: (1) Starnberg from Wikipedia; (2) statistics program of IMV GmbH, real estate prices and real estate market of Starnberg, evaluated by the Rainer Fischer’s real estate office real estate. The above information has been carefully researched and error can still infiltrate the present statistics may also contain errors.

For the correctness of the above statements no liability company description of Rainer Fischer accepted real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. PR contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz 2a 80634 Munich Tel: 089-131320 E-Mail: Web:


Modern Immobilienvermarkter today work in a synergistic way in the team and are recruited from a group of persons by Subject matter experts, each one in his profession is highly specialized. beyond real estate belongs to this new generation of real estate providers. The company sees itself as a sales and marketing agency for residential real estate. beyond real estate stands for highest quality standards in the marketing of apartments, houses and villas in Dusseldorf and the catchment area of the NorthRhine-Westphalian capital. Speed and innovation strength are absolutely central to be successful on the market. In a city with more than 500 brokerage firms one must differentiate clearly itself from its competitors.”says Raymund Lissner, General Manager of beyond real estate GmbH & co. KG – a newly formed real estate company headquartered in the Dusseldorf media Harbour. Trends must be recognized early and course for the future are made in a timely manner.”added Lissner.

His motto is: going beyond limits. Richard LeFrak understood the implications. As you can imagine that in practice? The framework must be the first it’s going to Quality in all aspects: quality, interpersonal qualities, the quality of means of communication, the quality of product or the real estate marketing portfolio, etc beyond real estate offers a service, which is new to the brokerage industry to ensure all this. Many properties of the so-called generation of heirs on the market, are not the modern ideas of today’s homebuyers. Extremely difficult to convey these properties and to find a new user for this purpose are common. Therefore plans beyond real estate these properties to, so that they can be placed in a modified way in the market. This revised architecture, created new highlights in the Interior, and introduced the own handwriting in the development of the real estate. Cost estimation for the modernisation concept rounds off the service. In-house artists, hereby are the subject matter experts for computerunterstutze 3D visualisations, use the ideas of the Planning teams in atmospheric images to.


Check in and check-out are like a day. The times, in which the landlord private uses the apartment or unentgeltlichuberlasst to third parties, as well as empty life to a certain extent include attribution of the times for administrative purposes and for external use for administrative purposes. Its share is estimated either derSelbstnutzung according to the ratio to use by foreign tenants, if the use of the self is possible at any time. Is not measured the scope of auto use, it is 50% applied. To the The times of the actual rental and the vacancy rate of according to above Aufteilungbei of administrative purposes include third-party use.

Is self use renting third-party contractually limited, zahlenLeerstandszeiten total for foreign use. Note: it is possible to pronounce blackout periods to be Selbstnutzunganzumelden or even guests, renting through an agency the empty stand times allocated to pro rata administrative purposes. Example of empty life-sharing landlord A has transferred the mediation of his apartment in a holiday service organization of Cuxhaven. He has use of self in the brokerage contract expressly excluded. The apartment is rented in the year to 180 days to100 EUR, used A itself 30 days, 155 days stands empty.

Which only accounted for the rental, costs 2,000 EUR, the other costs (including depreciation) EUR 5,000. Rental income: 180 days 100 EUR = 18,000 EUR advertising costs: 1 fully into account. /.2.000 EUR 2 pro rata to consider the empty day only in the ratio of rental will because of the possible use of self to the actual total use (= 180 / 210) included in the hire period. 180 / 210 155 days vacancy = 132 days was a total 180 + 132 = 312 used days to rent the apartment. Other advertising costs 5,000 EUR 312 / 365 =. /.4.274 EUR 11.726 EUR income variation In the brokerage contract has A agreed a self use of the apartment for 30 days.

Bar Tomas

In most guides do not even appear and when it does, leaves included in the itinerary of Montjuic, with its fountains, museums and Olympic constructions. But this is an ideal area to stay, given the number of hotels and apartments on offer. In addition, its ethnic diversity, its quiet pedestrian street and the huge variety and quality of its bars, restaurants and nightclubs, you utter a heated day and night life. By What's more, this is a real neighborhood with local flavor. Sarri is a beautiful neighborhood with more than 1,000 years old.

At the time, became the refuge of the petty bourgeoisie, composed of writers, artists and merchants, as well as on the site of many student residences they occupied and occupy the great mansions of the rich who lived there. It is an obligation to make a stop in Bar Tomas, famous for its patatas bravas. Good food, best restaurants Flash Flash (C. La Granada Peneds, 25) was opened in 1970 and has become a key reference point in the city. This is a tortilla original decorated it with pop-art murals in black and white leather seats where you can eat hamburgers, salads and about 70 types of tortillas. Incredible! Misaki (C. Aribau, 40) is a small Japanese restaurant.

ste offers a variety of dishes and regional specialties in a cozy family room. It is probably one of the best restaurants Asian food in Barcelona, but probably will not find in guidebooks. Do not expect a super-modern local.

Wooden Houses

Probably, there is no person who would not dream of your own cottage. And not what, and about the full house that would be acceptable, as they say, and show people, and provide comfort. And, of course, that it was structure that called for the children and grandchildren, the family's real nest. For more information see Professor Rita McGrath. And yet such a construction is often fraught with serious thoughts on the very first stage – at the level of selection sketch. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tishman Speyer by clicking through. After all, have to be first to deal with those from a specific type of material you are going to build housing – Are you interested in building a wooden house or building a cottage of brick and cement. Of this will depend on future activity over the drawing. It is known that one thing – a structure made of wooden beams, and completely different – a brick house.

While the differences not only in reliability and durability of building materials, but at the same time and in what namely building forms out of this building material can be constructed. For instance, if you're planning a country house in just a few floors, fanciful architectural shapes, then, without a doubt, stop the selection of a construction of bricks. This cottage will be really resistant, with masonry directly in itself is beautiful enough, especially – if the matter involved professionals. Moreover, a brick wall allows do a lot of different decorating pieces actually in the process of embankments. In addition, small decorative objects – by the way, the towers at the same time can be pretty easy to add to the overall structural shape. This is required to note that today there is a certain number of options for the stone laying, which allow a significant degree of saving building materials and at the same time improve the technical parameters of the cottage. Say, the well-type clutch provides the probability to keep the walls of empty seats, which can then be filled with insulated material, or even just air. Thus a special protective layer that provides the construction of a brick house is not just cheaper in the design, but also more economical in the future working operation. A significant number of possible methods that are used today in the suburban facility provides an opportunity for every home owner find the best way to own a cottage. While this As part of the future such as decorating the house, to the same extent, and its technical characteristics. And each the power to build up money for affordable real cottage of their dreams.

Residence Deduction

Those who buy from 2011 will see diminished the deduction or disappears for them, depending on their income. Schematically: For taxpayers with taxable income tax equal or lower than 17.707,20 euros per year, the deduction will continue as (15% on invested in residence with a maximum base of 9.040 euros). For those who earn between 17.707,20 EUR and 24.107,20 EUR, the applicable deduction is on the decline according to increase income, according to the formula: deduction = 15% of 9.040-(Base tax-17.707, 20) * 1, 4125 those who buy from January 2011 and its tax base exceeds 24.107,20 euros, are left without any deduction. For those who already have a residence or buy before the end of 2010, the deduction does not change. Apart from buying before the end of the year, there are other measures to use to not lose the deduction? The answer is Yes, but not many. Measures of last minute to maintain the deduction regulations contemplates a case in which the deduction is maintained by acquisition of residence without the need of buying before the end of 2010: buying on planes and self-promotion (own housing construction). Rehabilitation or expansion are also included in this point. It is important to be clear that they must have been satisfied amounts before 2011 by these concepts and that works are completed before January 1, 2015.

Another quite controversial and real engineering legal measure would be to sign a private contract of purchase and sale. It is not of a few simple arras, or deposit. This contract has the desired tax effects, it should be to demonstrate the effective delivery of possession of the property to the Treasury. They have hand over the keys, pay the tax of documented legal acts and other actions that validate effective actual transmission housing apart from the own private contract. Notarized writing could be done in 2011.

Cases in which is not maintained the rental with purchase option deduction signed in 2010 with the option in the year 2011 or following. The purchase is a possibility provided for in the contract, but is not carried out before the end of 2010 and therefore does not maintain the fiscal benefits. Amounts deposited in an account saving housing in 2010. If you don’t purchase before the end of the year, the deduction is changed or disappears. A home signal delivery in 2010 that is intended to buy the coming year. It is no good sign a contract of arras and later a money waiting to arrange a mortgage and buy the coming year. Law does not consider it a buying and selling until the actual delivery occurs (usually in the signature before a notary). Each taxpayer should be calibrated if buy hastily before the end of the exercise is worthwhile as to not lose the deduction for purchase of housing usual or you prefer waiting for real estate prices to continue going down. It is a question of opportunity and prediction. Give advice in these cases would be an exercise of magician.

Want To Live Near The Sea In Sevastopol ?

Cozy home, own apartment – the dreams of many Ukrainians. All people strive for independence, stability and reliability. Therefore, many are looking at message boards like the ads' selling a flat in Sevastopol ', analyze the various options. Yet one wishes to buy its own nest is not always enough. Over the last few years property prices in Ukraine have reached unprecedented heights.

Buyers with middle-income countries can not spend 50 000 dollars after finding a declaration of 'selling an apartment in Sevastopol – cheap'. An alternative solution was to loans and equity building. In the first case, the person again, not feel stability, as it depends on the bank. Cooperation with the construction company 'Komner' gives a lot of advantages. In – the first, the price of such housing closer to reality. These apartments are more affordable. And we are talking about a new building, and that means: new pipes, plumbing, doors and windows. Professor Rita McGrath oftentimes addresses this issue.

Not to mention the fact that the repairs done will also be much easier. In this case, the market for second homes is not only expensive – it is also impractical. Take part in joint construction or buy an apartment in the already built a new house more profitable than finding a more suitable option for secondary housing market in property "selling an apartment in Sevastopol." In this case it is not just about affordability square meter, but also about the possible deferral or a courtesy credit. The builder is working on another client. His task is not to sell one apartment at a maximum price, and to realize all the apartments in new apartment buildings. Based on the foregoing, it is looking for compromise and has struggled to help willing to purchase housing. Since the early 21 century real estate prices in Sevastopol have grown to fifteen times. Yes, and a few chilled the ardor of the crisis pampered owners that advertise: "Buy an apartment in Sevastopol: 1 room, 70 thousand dollars." The potential buyer a shame that ten years ago, this apartment was bought for 3-4 thousand dollars. For Ukrainians with middle-income if it was normal. 70 thousand – the amount of unrealistic. But today the cost of the same apartment collapsed to 40 thousand dollars. Nevertheless, the buyer is still unprofitable. He continues to look for an alternative and often finds it in conjunction with the construction company. Especially if a company has an excellent reputation, you can rest assured that your apartment will be built and in time.