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Balearic Islands Palencia

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The price of used housing closes 2010 with a decrease of 4% ends in December with an average price per square meter of 1,981 Euros versus the 2.061 Euros that ended the month of December 2009. From January to December the price drops 4% Guipuzcoa, Vizcaya and Barcelona have been the most expensive provinces during […]

Francisco Arias Solis

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Jomi Garcia Ascot. THE voice of a poet of film children, adhered to the fate of parents or relatives, they had to leave Spain and they were taken to Mexico in 1939 received a Spanish education. A few were revealed as writers. Ramon Xirau, Jacinto Viqueira, Enrique de Rivas, innocent of Burgos, Roberto Ruiz, angel […]

Builder Group

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Born real estate portal, aims to be a benchmark within the real estate websites capable of boosting the real estate market with greater intensity, and provide one both helps home sellers as buyers. The idea is the union group of potential buyers of housing, in such way that is interesting to the seller performed a […]