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The price of used housing closes 2010 with a decrease of 4% ends in December with an average price per square meter of 1,981 Euros versus the 2.061 Euros that ended the month of December 2009. From January to December the price drops 4% Guipuzcoa, Vizcaya and Barcelona have been the most expensive provinces during 2010, follows them Alava and Balearic Islands. By contrast, Ciudad Real, Leon, Badajoz, Salamanca and Caceres are the provinces where the price per square meter has remained low during the past year. real estate indicator has observed that during the past year the price of housing used in our country has fallen by 4%, 2.4 percentage points lower than during the year 2009. He finished the month December 2009 with the average price per square meter in 2.061 Euros and ends in 2010 with an average 2.981 euros price. This decline has been reflecting month after month and almost all provinces have registered falls in prices, although during the last quarter of the year, this decline has moderated somewhat. The price dropped in almost all provinces, we highlight the following: Huelva (- 8.63%), Albacete (- 6.81%), Lleida (- 6.59%), Seville (- 6.12%), valencia (- 5.92%), Almeria (- 5.59%), Toledo (- 5.33%), cuenca (- 5.22%), Cadiz (- 5.16%), Jaen (- 5.12%), Madrid (- 5.09%), Zaragoza (- 4.97%), Murcia (- 4.85%), Guadalajara (- 4.76%), Teruel (- 4.75%), Cordoba (- 4.55%), Navarre (- 4.48%), Barcelona (- 4.39%), Cantabria (- 3.93%), burgos (- 3.92%), a Coruna (- 3.60%), Gipuzkoa (- 3.47%), las palmas (- 3.37%), Pontevedra (- 3.27%), Tarragona (- 3.09%)Asturias (- 2.99%), alicante (- 2.94%), Sta. cruz de Tenerife (- 2.87%), Vizcaya (- 2.39%), Valladolid (- 2.35%), Alava (- 2.29%), la rioja (- 2.29%), Soria (- 2.29%), Castellon (- 2.03%), Lugo (- 1.69%), Grenada (- 1.36%), Ourense (- 1.26%), Segovia (- 1.24%), Malaga (- 1.23%), Caceres (- 1.18%), Huesca (- 1.08%), avila (- 1.03%), Zamora (- 0.93%), Girona (- 0.83%) and Badajoz (- 0.26%).

On the contrary the price rose in five of them: ciudad real 0.35%, 0.53%, salamanca 2.12% Balearic Islands Palencia 3.33% and 3.51% lion between provincial capitals is more or less the same, almost all of them are recorded declines, we highlight the following: Valladolid (- 11.81%), Tarragona (- 10.93%), Valencia (- 4.49%), Girona (- 4.16%), Castellon de la Plana (- 3.96%), Madrid Capital (- 3.92%), Soria (- 3.54%)Alicante (- 3.53%), Seville (- 3.5%), Guadalajara (- 3.32%), avila (- 3.24%), Albacete (- 2.84%), Zaragoza (- 2.84%), Barcelona City (- 2.8%), Oviedo (- 2.4%), Ciudad Real (- 2,24%), Bilbao (- 2.1%) and Granada (- 2.02%) On the contrary, in some cases the price has increased, as an example: Zamora (0.43%), Burgos (0.63%), Ceuta (0.9%), Cadiz (1.11%), Palma de Mallorca (1.39%), Almeria (1.53%), San Sebastian (1.59%), Salamanca (2.61%), Palencia (3.7%). Analyzing prices in Madrid and Barcelona Capital, the 2 capitals recorded declines during 2010, the first a – 3.9% and the second – 2.8%, placed the average price per square meter in 3,400 Euros in Madrid and 3,770 Euros in Barcelona. In two of the most important capitals nationally and Seville (2.573/m2) and Valencia (2,265/m2) 2 experienced two separate falls, the first of – 3.5%, and the second of – 4.5%. More information: original author and source of the article.

Francisco Arias Solis

Jomi Garcia Ascot. THE voice of a poet of film children, adhered to the fate of parents or relatives, they had to leave Spain and they were taken to Mexico in 1939 received a Spanish education. A few were revealed as writers. Ramon Xirau, Jacinto Viqueira, Enrique de Rivas, innocent of Burgos, Roberto Ruiz, angel Palerm, Carlos Blanco Aguinaga, Manuel Duran, Tomas Segovia, Jomi Garcia Ascot them are, in the last years of the Decade of the forties, creating and working around a magazine, presence, founded in 1948 and directed by Garcia Ascot, from among those that came out arranged poets. Published many books of these young poets who would come to be known as the Generation of Spanish poets.

Jomi Garcia Ascot had published poems in magazines – and essays in prose – before giving his first book, an autumn in the air, in 1964. They will continue: Be here (1966), having been there (1970), six poems to the margin (1972) and a way to say (1975), if in the books prior to the last, Garcia Ascot, with precise word and content tone explored universal problems in the latter without abandoning the earlier findings, tries to explore your individual self above all. Later he published poems of love lost and found and other poems (1977), personal Anthology: poetry (Premio Xavier Villaurrutia for writers for writers, 1984) and of the time and some people (1986). His poetry shows a machadiana influence.

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