The Architect

The following defines some concepts relating to the work of architect: Preliminary sketches. preliminary sketches are referred either to the sketches, diagrams or sketches of plants, sections, elevations or volumes, or any other graphic elements that the professional Make preliminary interpretation of the program as agreed with the principal. Includes: General Survey of the place or ground. Analysis of legal restrictions, regulations, etc. Development in conjunction with the client’s program needs. Creation of graphic and written documentation.

DRAFT q is composed of the whole plant, cuts, elevations, volumes, prospects and other graphic elements necessary to give a general idea of the work, ensuring the possibility of construction. The draft should include a description and an estimated overall budget. Includes: study emphasizes the place field. Detailed analysis of municipal regulations. I state of systems and technologies to be used. Study areas, according to levels of cost. Descriptive report of the project: architecture, structure, system construction, facilities, etc. Estimated period of work and work plan.

Estimated cost of work and schedule of investments. Draft: draft means, the whole plant, cuts and elevations studied accordance with the rules and regulations in force or in your case, the set of drawings and other graphic elements necessary to give a general idea of the works under study. The draft must be accompanied by a description, written or graphic, in a synthetic approach, and an overall budget. Completed Project: complete project means all written and graphic elements that define the exact nature and purpose of the work and seek approval to enable the respective authorities, tendering, quoting, and award, direct and execute the work and involves the following, viz.