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Russian Builders

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Consider, for example, the situation in St. Petersburg. Among the objects of which construction had to "freeze" due to budget cuts city officials, there are several nurseries in different parts of the city and two infectious disease hospitals. At the same time entering a football stadium for the "Zenith", which agreed on the financing of […]

Collateral Evaluation

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If the report will not meet these requirements, the loan you will likely not get it. You should not complain in vain for an appraiser Believing that he is in no hurry to prepare your report. Estimated organization, whose profit depends on the number of completed orders, absolutely not interested in the process of evaluation […]

Saratov Region Mortgage Corporation

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St. Petersburg. Nonresident non-bank mortgage lenders have teamed up to win the St. Petersburg market. This aim is pursued non-commercial partnership "Association of mortgage companies." The initiator of its creation was of 'Baltic Mortgage Corporation. " The association joined the players in St. Petersburg real estate mortgage loans with regional companies. They all work by […]