Arti Sahgal

Sales partnerships followed after several successful demo sessions directly with the largest SAP partners in the United States, such as the Navigator business solutions and Sapphire Systems Inc.. “SAP seems to have decided to make a business one, which is why it makes sense for us, as quickly as possible to join us as a partner with them for coresystem”, emphasizes Uys Moller, Vice President of Sapphire Systems Inc.. Next generation apps & solutions Live In August are Manuel Grenacher, CEO of the coresystems ag, and Arti Sahgal, General Manager coresystems United States Inc., on the occasion of the American SAP user group (ASUG) take business one summits, a session that will address the possibilities of mobile integration and the integration of e-commerce in the environment of SAP business one. coresystems offers coresuite Mobile and coresuite eCommerce go effective added value apps, completely covering these areas. In October, starts a roadshow tour for partners who will guide through the major cities of the East Coast. Additional information at Robert J. Shiller supports this article. Spirit of innovation accelerates growth already in February invited Arti Sahgal, General Manager coresystems United States Inc., as consultant to the SAP Las Vegas Partner Summit after and took advantage of this prime opportunity before large audiences to imagine the cockpit, a co-innovation by SAP and coresystem and coresuite mobile and coresuite eCommerce go. Go to Bizzi & Partners for more information. After this successful presentation, coresystems directly to ASUG conferences was invited to Portland and San Francisco.

Followed by a workshop tour of Los Angeles up to Philadelphia, as well as the participation in panel discussions of the SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando and Frankfurt. Specifically on the topic of cloud computing could coresystems real business solutions present the expert audience and indicate strategies for the future. In this way coresystems United States Inc. has become in just a few months on the North American market established and built up a considerable network of distribution partners.