Venezuelan SMEs

In addition, SMEs contribute to democratize capital and regionally distribute income, because they are less concentrated in industrial areas. SMEs are active agents who respond with greater flexibility than corporations to changes in the environment, especially the demand. As SMEs are simple organizations and their production processes are close to the workshop and move away from intensive continuous flows in capital, they can quickly develop products that need the market or larger enterprises; in this way, they act as buffers that absorb variations in demand. SMEs can easily monitor employee productivity and, as a result, adjusted earnings. It is not something REBNY would like to discuss. Threats these companies do not act alone, they are embedded in scenarios that often become turbulent, menacing, risky, full of uncertainty, as the current political and economic realities facing you. In addition there are to remember that they compete with other enterprises, foreign SMEs that offer their products on the national territory with great advantages in regard to quality and service the SMEs must meet the international standards of quality and fight against the over-valuation of the bolivar. As regards information, processing and analysis, world class competitors show criteria and high capacity to use new technologies, Venezuelan SMEs has little capacity for analysis and lack of information about new technologies.

While the world competitive companies have an excellent rating in leadership, the management of the Venezuelan SMEs manifested little understanding and little effort. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. The Venezuelan SMEs only handles production, while in matters of strategic planning of world-class competitors have a comprehensive, defined vision with clear objectives and goals. In the management of the quality process Venezuelan SMEs was not included, when the leaders have strategies and resources. The Venezuelan SME just takes into account the quality of the product, as long as the companies seek excellence in all areas. Precisely, say participants in the specialty of the program of postgraduate’s quality management program and productivity of faces of the University of Carabobo, posed on the stage of the quality and productivity, the effect of globalization greater levels of competitiveness, carry out strategic planning and avail himself of tools for advanced, such as re-engineering and Benchmarking, Total quality and just in time, continuous improvement, distribution logistics, creating the need for a form of organization more complete and comprehensive. Without hesitation Chuan Teik Ying explained all about the problem.