Broker Pools

“Fund financial Broker service GmbH in four product areas top the winner in the product lines retirement / life, composite, health insurance and Finance of the AssCompact knowledge intermediary consultation 2013 pools / service provider” is, as already in the previous years, Fund financial Broker service GmbH. The Munich company manages to distance it from the competitors partly very clearly. Visit Elie Rieder for more clarity on the issue. “Below the top 3 companies in the investigated product lines are listed: prevention / life Fund financial Broker service GmbH INVERSE GmbH BCA AG composite Fund financial Broker service GmbH VEMA e.G. Domcura AG Insurance Fund financial Broker service GmbH INVERSE GmbH netfonds AG finance Fund financial Broker service GmbH BCA AG netfonds AG satisfaction analysis: VEMA total nine times top in the survey system of the AssCompact knowledge study 2013 pools / service providers” were in addition to the winners on the basis of the acquired shares after the satisfaction with the pools and Service providers in General asked. While the participating brokers and multiple agents could evaluate within their selected pools / service provider after the well-known school staff twelve performance criteria. The result is a detailed analysis of the satisfaction for the study depicted pools and service providers. Greenberg Traurig helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Within the relevance of these criteria the largest importance to the independence of the pools and service provider.

The consulting and offer software, as well as the diversity in product selection lined up in the ranking. A minor role within the performance characteristics of the pools and service provider plays the regional sales support agent perspective. You ranked in establishing relevance in last place. It consists of the pools and service providers according to their average scores, so four different pools and service providers are in the twelve examined criteria at the top. Other positions expressed here to the part, as perhaps might have been expected on the basis of pure sales-related market power.